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Benefits of Choosing Prism Lead India

  1. We will provide you with multiple quotes from top Service Providers.
  2. Double accountability from prism leads India as well as our Service Providers.
  3. We provide the best Service Providers Bangalore at the cheapest rates as they have MOU’s and commitment to us.
  4. We have a well-organised support team for any of your grievances redressal.
  5. If a Service Providers are not available in the time slot you want, we will provide other packers and movers at the same rate.


"Hi, I am Sanjeev, I recently shifted to chennai. It was very challenging for me to find a reliable packers and movers service.
But thanks to prism lead india, for such professional service. I am happy and recommend Prism to everyone."
Fashion Deginer
"I shifted to my 2 bed room hall kitchen flat in Bangalore. My wife hired packers and movers from prism lead India, i got very nice service. Expert, well behaviour and trained persons, packed everything and delivered in time. I am satisfied with the service."
Ekta Jaiswal
IT Professional
"Quality, professionalism and experienced packers and movers service. They have a trained team who starts packing the things once they reach, overall good service time management was super, i will go for 5 star , good team management."
M. Kartikh
"I shifted my home and a car from packers and movers provided by prism lead india. They did it very nicely thanks to the packers team for safe delivery of every item, & thanks to the support team of prism lead india for keeping on updating me."
Ashutosh Kumar
Travel Blogger
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and be happy with your business.


Our team are highly experienced in generating leads and use a non-scripted approach to do so we generate leads both online and offline mode. We do give ads in Social media’s Like: Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest ETC… SEO, Google ad words. Also we do have our website if anyone is enquiring about the services we get the details.

We are happy to provide you with a reference list of current company names who are been registered with us and who get quality and quantity of leads that we provide.

We have a lead verification team and that team will be coordinating with the customer and then the details will be shared with you. (Whatever the leads get landed to the company 1st call attempt will done from PLI, if customers are looking for the services then the lead get shared with Vendors).

As I said to you that you will be getting a verified leads/Customer Details from PLI side. As per the term we do not have any refund option if we are providing you with genuine leads the one who is looking for the services.

As we said that we will be sharing you the leads with call recording because we work on the basis of trust and if we would have shared the leads to other vendor then we would have not sent the call recording. Also we even kept time duration to share the feedback and the status of the lead and if it’s not happening then the lead will get shared.

We do have our physical office and our company also been registered and for more details or information you can visit our website: To know more about us i can arrange a meeting with our Manager for better understanding. Simple example: We haven’t seen the direct apple company but still we trust and buy the apple product.

Sorry to tell you but unfortunately we do not have such option. More over in 1 or 2 leads you cannot be able to judge our service whereas i believe that even you don’t provide free services to your customers as well. However you provide your company details we will update you’re listing in our website if any one come directly to your company, then you proceed but we cannot ensure that you will be getting leads for free listing on daily basis.

As said that the lead are non-sharable till the time duration mentioned while sharing the leads if we could not see any feedback then the lead get shared with other vendor beyond the time limit we cannot consider any feedback for that particular lead.

Sir we have lead replacement policy of required option like: Customer says doesn’t have requirement, Location differ (out of city), Invalid contact details, Wrong Lead details). Apart from that we do not replace for RNR, Switched Off, Not Interested, Not connecting Etc. (Because converting is totally in your hand the proposal what you give basis on that customers show an interest toward your product. If number not connected that means still you haven’t discussed with customers about the requirement).

It’s good that you have been invested the money in other company to get the leads for your business, but just wanted to understand whatever you have invested have you got the ROI (return of investment). We can tell you that if you’re investing in PLI definitely you will be getting your ROI.

They are so many companies are been tie up with us and who do not have their own website, definitely the customers will give review to our company itself. Over in service industry no one can provide 100% of good services let it be your company or our company. Eg: More over even Apple company also have a bad reviews but still they are launching new versions in the market. Similarly it depending how people will take it up to. But yes i can assure that you can have a good conversion from our side by getting quality Leads.

As of now we do not have any trial package but however i will share your details / fix appointment with my manager he/she will be have some option to give the best package.

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