Chartered Accountant: CA for Audit & Assurance

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CA for Audit & Assurance
CA for Audit & Assurance

By selecting our Chartered Accountants Program, you’re coordinating with one of Bangalore’s leading companies which is best for audit and assurance.

The owner of Business himself handled the Business usually in early times. The owner acted as operator, customer, merchant, financier, all by himself. Indian sales Tax procedure includes numerous moving and complications through countless alterations and issues. One most excellent decision will always be to get a better-chartered accountant (CA). Our chartered accountant makes TDS, income tax filing of all sorts for you. Assessing your accounts along with trade is going to be finished with them, plus it’s called auditing.

Our chartered accountant team of efficient and dedicated chartered accountants based in Bangalore and typically handle all the branches of accounting and auditing including accounts outsourcing, Business taxation, corporate compliance, company formation in India, starting a business, taxation of expatriates and registration of foreign companies etc.

A chartered accountant is the professional who takes care of the auditing, taxation of a business and accounting, accountancy, merger and acquisitions, business investigation, management consultancy and outstanding company work. The tax which is fetched on locally manufactured and imported goods and service is known as Commercial Tax, and it improves the Gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

Prism direct India Charted Account is concentrating on various elements to make individual tax simpler. It’d be best if you have a professional practitioner, Charted Account. They will guide you with your financial decisions and act as consultants. Our Charted Account holds a certification of training (COP) and ensures good work quality. They are also customer-centric, and they will be present at the client’s place and in the given time. We offer chartered accountants at less price.

Prism lead India Charted Account enhances the resources that allow your Business to grow exponentially. They will help you with your financial decisions and act as consultants. There are many differences from our CA than others. Our CA holds a certificate of practice (COP) and ensures the excellent nature of work. They are also customer-centric, and they will be present at the client’s place and in the given time.

Whatever your demand, we are here to provide cost-effective, high-value solutions to meet all your financial needs. Prism Lead India is a firm of experienced professionals offering accounts, taxation, business advisory and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals.

Our team engages with our clients regularly to ensure adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosures and provide constructive, value-added delivery.

CA for Audit & Assurance

Statutory & Tax Audit – Opinion on true and fairness of financial statements as required under the statute, accounting standards, IND AS, guidelines by the regulator, income tax provisions and disclosures in the specified formats.

Internal Audit: Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to sum value and enhance an organization’s operations. It can help an organization fulfil its strategic ambition by bringing a systematic, disciplined way of Calculating and improving the performance of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Forensic Audit – To identify, boost or mitigate chances of fraud or misuse of funds.

Cost Reduction Audit: Audit of business operations, processes and transactions, determine loopholes and arrange suggestive cost-effective measures.
Management Audit: Audit of particular operational management functions (viz. Purchase, sales, inventory, fixed assets, detailed purpose accounting, mergers, acquisitions etc.) wherein our team jointly works with the management in improving overall profit.

Revenue Audit: A revenue audit is a two-category operation that analyzes the figures and information as given in tax returns against those found in its business records of a body.

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