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Adeetya Kitchen
Adeetya Kitchen
Mr. Anand Ambekar

Mr. Anand Ambekar is the founder, CEO and chief mechanical architect of Adeetya Kitchen System.He is responsible for corporate management and strategic direction of the company.

Anand is associated with the mechanical industry for more than 22 years and has previously worked in organizations of International reputation like Greaves Ltd. as Purchase Officer and Manager, Production & Development in Metatech Pvt. Ltd. a company engaged in manufacturing Metallurgical Testing Equipment located in Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Mechanical Engineer with postgraduate qualifications in management (DMM and MBA).

Mr. Shashikant Devdas

Mr. Shashikant Devdas is the co-founder of Adeetya’s. He is mainly responsible for financial management, product management. He is also actively involved in the mechanical design of the product. Shashikant has 25 years of experience in planning and finance and has considerable background in defining the requirements of the product from the customer’s view.


Innovation and experimenting is the soul of our Small scale unit. By studying the changing habits of the man, our researchers are able to figure out the changing requirements of the present day…


Globalization has spurred many changes in current lifestyle. Every city is reaching out for a better living. This is the time of colossal change and kitchen in no exception to it. And that is the reason Adeetya’s has vision to expand their franchise outlets in every city of India.


After acquiring necessary measurements and understanding the customer’s requirements, our dedicated visualisers compose customized kitchen designs to fulfill all needs of functionality, aesthetics, durability and economy. Dynamic, computer generated designs give the customer the complete look and feel of his future kitchen.


Maintaining the most stringent standards of material quality and also the best manufacturing practices, Adeetya’s Kitchen System ensures that the market receives only the most exquisite Kitchen System.


Flash Response’ is our motto when it comes to customer care. An awareness of the value of time keeps all our service executives at their efficient best. All though we operate franchise network in unorganized segment, we put our best to serve our clients through franchisee.


Adeetya Kitchen Indian Kitchen is an innovative concept poised to change the very way we looked at our kitchens. Modern Indian lady plays many roles. She is both a house-wife and a professional. While our outlook is modern, our values are still traditional. Adeetya’s Kitchen concept combines modern living with traditional cooking style.

Adeetya Kitchen System is a Pre-fabricated kitchen with long lasting and antirust Stainless steel tubular carcass designed for Indian ‘Rasoi Ghar’ where a lot of water is used for preparations and cleaning. It is designed to suit individual requirement after considering various factors like number of family members, their age, life-style, tradition, storage pattern, etc. While developing the tubular structure enough care for ventilation is taken to minimize the problem of insect, pest and their typical stale smell. It is manufactured in our factory at Pune under supervision of experts.

Adeetya Kitchen System is available in Standard dimension or in tailor-made dimensions to suit the space available at site below pre-cast concrete kitchen platform. Now you don’t need to break your existing kitchen platform for making a quality modular kitchen!!

Adeetya’s Modern Indian Kitchen is an ideal alternative to unreliable carpenter kitchen or modular kitchen with wooden carcass.


Adeetya Kitchen Industries has earned India’s first ISO9001: 2000 status in kitchen systems, among the few established and innovative brands, is Pioneer and leading Indian kitchens segment (Pre-fabricated Kitchens segment). The company established in 1996 has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Pune, spread across 10,000 square feet and is the first kitchen systems manufacturer in the country to manufacture accessories and Kitchen shutters together. Over 95% of the manufacturing of the kitchen systems is done by the company itself, which not only gives better control over quality and competitive pricing but also helps in reducing the delivery time.

It is the First Company to establish dealers’ network through franchise concept in India and to develop software to design tailor-made kitchens.

The company, especially for the purpose of the training of the Dealers and its staff members has set up a well equipped ‘Orientation Center’ at their factory.

The company has developed Concept of ‘Modern Indian Kitchen’ after thorough research into modern life style and Indian cooking style. Aaditya Industries took serious efforts to give Prefab Kitchen industry a corporate status and recognition.


Adeetya Kitchen offer Ready to fit – factory assembled and well-organized ‘Kitchen System’ with long lasting tubular carcass that is available in standard or custom made sizes to suit individual requirement or without tubular carcass standalone accessories.

Adeetya Kitchen also offer Tailor-made complete Kitchen set up to Suit your existing Kitchen platform or your kitchen room when kitchen platform does not exist. Contact our Dealers:

Adeetya Kitchen System Product USP:

Heavy Duty
Easy to Fit
Freedom to Design


Domestic kitchen designing segment has a lot of potential that is yet unexplored.

Adeetya Kitchen designing is a challenge for a designer. It involves a lot of detailing and perfect execution. Though the ideas are just a click away, the realization is far away.

Adeetya Kitchen designing segment is unorganized and faces stringent lack of trained professionals. Kitchen maker do not understand their role. A trader wants to manufacture, a manufacturer wants to trade, an interior designer or architect thinks that they are manufacturer. Everybody need to understand their role.

More and more families are willing to get well-laid-out, well-equipped, designer homes and especially the kitchen. Unfortunately, they hardly reach the professionals and more often than not, are at a loss.

Adeetya’s Kitchen Designing Course aims at bridging this gap by imparting training to aspiring designers who can offer professional services in kitchen designing segment. We wish to imbibe professionalism, corporate culture and give designers a vision that separates them from the crowd.

Why Adeetya’s: Adeetya’s have rich experience of designing, manufacturing and delivering kitchen solutions to a wider cross section of society. The company’s real strength is well-trained, skilled and dedicated staff including qualified engineers, architects, interior designers and technicians.

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