When it comes to relocating IT Equipment, we know that even a small computer contains plenty of vital information and requires to be moved with extra care.

To make sure of this, AssureShift are associated with a team of professional movers who are expert at handling small laptops to huge servers with utmost care.

Our moving companies provide customized moving services that are flexible to meet your requirements.

AssureShift packers and movers have vast experience & will take complete care of your dismantled IT computers and servers by packing them with specialized packaging techniques in computer boxes & crates so there won’t be any damage during transport.

PRISM LEAD INDIA provides best packers and movers companies in Bangalore or Outside other parts of India. 

Shifting an office is not a big deal but transporting computer equipment needs explicit packing & moving services.

The main things to be followed while relocating IT equipment are:

Quality and safe packaging of IT equipment.

Efficient & careful handling with essential loading/unloading tools, Taking care of minute details like packing screws and cables which are essential in re-installation.

AssureShift packers also take extra precautions while packing Monitors, Printers, Scanners/Copiers, and Projectors.

Professional Movers

At Assure Shift, we are partnered with highly experienced and dedicated professional movers who have years of expertise in handling sensitive IT equipment and personal computers diligently.

AssureShift packers and movers offer exceptional moving services at cost-effective rates and with minimum downtime & zero risks. They are capable of shifting large equipment in a hassle-free manner, like data centers, huge single and multiple servers, disk arrays, routers, switches, storage racks.

Methods Used by IT Equipment Packers & Movers
Best IT equipment movers will analyze your requirements & create a well-organized plan with their expert team to shift your valuable equipment damage-free.
Packers use high-quality packaging materials & follow unique techniques to keep your sensitive and expensive computer hardware scratch- free.
Relocation companies use best loading/unloading strategies and essential tools to pick-up & deliver IT equipment without any impairment.

As per the size of equipment, they use specialized moving trucks like side open trucks, pallet trucks, and containerized trucks.

Our service providers will take care of all the documentation like insurance, etc., to avoid any kind of issues during transport.

You can be sure of getting on-time delivery & quick set up of the equipment to ensure minimal down-time.

In-case of climatic emergencies like cyclone or rain during transport, movers will store the equipment in their safe warehouse & deliver them later as per your instructions.

Assure Shift has partnered with dedicated relocation companies who follow industry standard guidelines in packaging and transport as per your requirements.

Benefits of Hiring Moving Companies for Shifting IT Equipment

Cost Efficiency

Hiring a professional moving company costs less in terms of money as well as time compared to doing it by yourself.

AssureShift time is more costly than anything and Assure Shift is best at quickly providing cost-effective professionals for your moving services.

Your plan made easy

IT equipment shifting is a daunting task and the stress of equipment damage will remain with you at the end.

So AssureShift assure you a stress-free shifting with easy and efficient planning of our packers and movers.

Quality Packing

Buying expensive packing material is a must while shifting and most of us are not perfect at packing too. So, we are best at providing experienced packers who packs all the equipment with their own materials at low costs itself.


The best benefit of hiring moving companies is they provide insurance facilities for your move which protects your equipment from any mishaps. Our relocation companies offer you best insurance coverage for damages/misplacement during transit.

Easy & Fast Moving

AssureShift packers and movers make your move fast and easy with most effective moving techniques, as they use special equipment for loading and unloading the computer hardware and servers safely.

Trusted Moving Partner

Finally, hiring an expert moving company is gaining a trusted and experienced partner for shifting your essentials in labeled boxes so that nothing gets missed at the end.

AssureShift know IT equipment is the soul of your business so Assure Shift is the right place to hire trustworthy packing & moving companies who can deliver your IT equipment perfectly. So, let us know your requirements and get a free quote now to experience quick & well-organized IT equipment moving services.

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