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Deccan Express Packers and Movers India Pvt. Ltd. are one of the leading names for providing packing and moving services. Our services are based on the principle of handling with utmost care. Every process is carried under the supervision of experts who work in close coordination with the customers. We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions based on the individual needs

Household Shifting Services

Household shifting services include more than just a few strong guys to pick up your stuff and shifting them to your new home. Instead it involves an in depth knowledge and experience of packing. Deccan Express packers and movers (India) offer personalized and dedicated service to all their customers depending upon their unique requirements and settings. Their staff is professionally trained in art of packing, thus making house shifting completely efficient and hassle free. In addition, they also provide consultations regarding information about the shifting of your house and the problems associated with it.

Having their base in a variety of cities such as Faridabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Amritsar, Gurgaon, and Kota, they help their clients in all types of shifting whether local, inter-state, or car shifting. Their coordination team takes care of all household moving aspects from start to finish. Since their inception in 2002, with their high customer satisfaction levels, they have become one of the India’s leading fleet owners, including over 400 company owned trucks and an additional 500 trucks.

Packing & Crafting

Packing is one of the most important aspects of Shifting, but it is often overlooked. All your items need to be well packed and protected to survive the entire movement unscathed. At Deccan Express Packers and Mover (India), we provide you with the necessary and excellent packing services in order to pack your items carefully and securely. For your convenience, all packing supplies may be ordered from us online, and delivered to your door with *no delivery Charge. Furthermore, our experts will provide useful packing tips on how to pack special items, such as antiques, artwork, chinaware, electronics, and the like.

If you are concerned with packing certain items, or perhaps, you find the task a bit overwhelming, Deccan Express Packers and Movers (India) can perform the packing service for you. We have the ability to carefully disassemble large items and provide custom-sized packing boxes to accommodate your items. Our packing services team is composed of trained professionals, who understand the importance of protecting every last item, no matter how minor it may seem. Crating mean building a wooden crate to protect delicate items such as Fridge, Washing Machine pictures and chandeliers. Crating is part of packing – if it is necessary.

Small sections of items may not need crating because it has inherent strength. Fridge, Washing Machine do need crating. The items are more brittle and susceptible to breaking. The same rule applies to glass. Our packers are expert at packing and crating. You should also know that when you buy coverage on your shifting, the packing and crating that the packer does is covered and the packer can assume liability for the pieces. When packing and crating are done by someone other than the packer, the question of who is liable becomes unclear. Make sure to ask your packer about packing and crating.

Car Carrier Services

Deccan Express Packers and Movers, along with the regular packing and moving, provide specialized and personalized car carrier services to their clients. They help their clients in transporting their cars in garage like conditions, along with appropriate ventilation and control. Their fleet consists of over 500 attached trucks along with over 400 company owned trucks, making them one of the largest fleet owners of India. Their services are not limited to a single area. Their operations extend to various cities and states such as delhi, Faridabad, gurgaon, Bangalore, kota, Mumbai, pune, and others. They offer complete documentation of the condition of your car before transporting, so that you have a valid proof regarding which you can assess the condition of your car when it is delivered.

he cost of hiring this service mainly depends upon the size and weight of your car. Their professional staff ensures that your car does not have to suffer even a single scratch while transportation. Thus, all you need to do to hire Deccan Express Packers and Movers as your car carrier service is to pick up your phone as call your nearest company office. You can choose their full range of services or just transportation depending upon your budget and vehicle.

Office Relocation Service

Choosing an Office relocation service is often quite problematic and full of hassles. This is because you need to ensure minimum loss of working hours and worker productivity. Deccan Express packers and movers offer a variety of office relocation services to their clients depending upon their needs and requirements. Their team does a complete research to know what all can go wrong at the last moment, and then works to cover them. Their full range of services include packing and moving services, transportation services, loading and unloading services, insurance coverage services, warehousing, storage services, and a variety of other add on services.

They take utmost care of all your stuff and use advanced packing machines to ensure minimal damage to your belongings. They remain in touch with their clients throughout the whole shifting process, ensuring a high level of competence with minimal disturb in workflow. Having been in business since 2002, they have an excellent track record with the department of transportation and better business bureau. In addition, their 24 hour customer service helpline helps their clients updated with complete detailed information regarding where and when of their cargo. With the help of Deccan Express Packers and Movers office relocation services, one can ensure a hassle free and efficient shifting of the workplace at the desired destination.

Residential Relocation

Deccan Express Packers and Movers India Pvt. Ltd. has been the unchallenged leader in household goods movement. Deccan Express offers you absolute on-road safety for your precious household goods owing to a fleet of own custom-built containerised vehicles. The only one of its kind in India with such personal infrastructure.Deccan Express comes to you with an enviable track record of well over three decades experience in the movement of household goods, from packing at source to unpacking at destination. Deccan Express is perhaps the only household goods movement company in India to provide for unique settlement of claims, if any, in the event of unforeseen contingencies that may arise. At Deccan Express we offer excellent long term Storage facilities to accommodate your frequent relocation hassels.

Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation services industry, though still in its developing stage, provides services to around 1500 global players, while increasingly making its mark in several emerging markets. With India becoming the choice of more and more corporate houses and employees being regularly relocated, importance of using these packing and moving industries has also increased with passing day. At Deccan Express Packers and Movers (India), customized and personalized service is provided to clients who are shifting as a part of corporate relocation programs.

Their range of services includes air cargo, custom clearance, transportation, insurance of the goods to be shifted and residential relocation services, along with other regular ones. With Deccan Express Packers and Movers in charge, you need not worry about your valuable items getting damaged or lost in the shifting. Their professional team ensures that your goods do not receive even a single scratch. Thus, all you need to do is to call their office and a select an ideal quote suitable to your needs and budget. There is no need to panic in case of corporate relocations now, as Deccan Express Packers and Movers will take care of all your shifting and moving problems starting from packing and loading to final unloading at the destination.

Packers & Movers India

When it comes to relocating from one place to another, the problem of shifting goods brings several unwanted issues together. It is always very stressful when your tasks involve are tedious and hectic. But with the introduction of Deccan Express Packers and Movers in India all these problems have been taken care of. Go For A Renowned Packers And Movers Company If you Deccan Expressly want to shift your goods from one place to another in a timely manner and that too in a easy way, then you should go for a renowned packing and moving company. You will find Deccan Express Packers and Movers Pune where we provide you with full service starting from packing, loading to unloading items. You can go for customized service or full service in packing and moving. When it comes to full services, it includes packing and moving services, transportation services, loading and unloading services, insurance coverage services, warehousing and storage services…etc.

Provides Value-Added Services

Deccan Express Packers and Movers in Bangalore provides value added services like air cargo services, custom clearance, residential relocation services. What’s more it also provides commercial relocations services, insurance coverage services, courier services, parcel services, accommodation services and so on. They take utmost care of your valuable items and also you need not worry about the packing as they use advance packing machines that does not damage your belongings. Your goods do not even allow a single minor scratch.

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