Difesa Security Services

Difesa Security Services introduce ourselves one of the leading organizations in the field of industrial security, with a work force of over 500 Plus well- trained security personnel.

Difesa Security Services primary concern is a INDUSTRIAL SECURITY ORGANISATION managed by team of professionals, who have held senior positions in the ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY AND POLICE, is to protect your industrial holdings from pilferage, theft, fire and such other ever increasing losses, damages and hazards.

Difesa Security Services undertake to man and manage the entire security of MULTI NATIONAL COMPANIES, FACTORIES, EMBASSIES & CONSULATES, INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATIONS, CORPORATE OFFICES, BANKS, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, GODOWNS etc., by deploying our reliable and efficient security personnel smartly uniformed and equipped.

Our security services scheme provides your industry the maximum- security protection with a minimum budgetary impact. We understand that your soliciting enquiries for the provision of security services for your esteemed organization.

Utmost attention is given to recruitment of our personnel in accordance with stringent parameters laid down as an DIFESA SECURITY SERVICES policy, which includes education, age, physical fitness and background. The security personnel proposed to be inducted into your establishment would be able bodies men with minimum 10th or PUC Qualified. They average age of the security personnel shall be approximately between 20 to 45 years.

The security personnel go through a system of screening and antecedent verified by the DSS. It is mandatory for all DSS personnel to undergo a basic SECURITY TRAINING COURSE, which imparts necessary skills to perform their duties with efficient and utmost devotion and loyalty. In addition to lessons on basic guarding skills, they are taught the rudiments of FIRST AID, FIRE FIGHTING AND SELF DEFENCE. They also go through an “on the job training” in selected business establishment our clients for one week before they are deployed in any unit.

We also realize that supervision is equally important to provide quality service. In this regard, we have an experienced operations team comprising of Operation Manager, Senior Manager, Area Managers and Patrolling Inspectors who are constantly checking on our Guards while on duty during day and night. This is further backed by our 24 hours controlled room and well equipped communication set-up, with full fledged Independent security training camp.

Difesa Security Services Confirms to all the norms by the Government. These include regulations regarding minimum wages and applicable DA rates, stipulated contributions of ESIC/ EPF/ SERVICE TAX / PROFESSIONAL TAX and other statutory payments.

Our monthly bill will be submitted to you on the 1st and is payable by the 5th of the following month. No unilateral deductions from our bill are permitted under any circumstances since it affect payment to our security personnel. It is also agreed and understood that nevertheless anything stated in any other clause of this letter, failure to pay our at the stipulated date will tantamount to termination of our service, and we will be at liberty to withdraw our personnel immediately without any notice.

To take over the security agreement we normally require the reaction time of two weeks from the date of your acceptance of our security proposal. Our tenure of contract is for a minimum period of one year in case the services are to be withdraws by either party, one month notice has to be given or one month total service charges as compensation is to be paid.

We are group of committed people, who wish to usher in professional security service to our country and to provide you full-proof PURSUING EXCELLENCE SECURITY COVERAGE, at all times with utmost care and devotion.

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