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24 Hours Electrician in Bangalore

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Cheap And Best Electrician in Bangalore

Prism lead india has a certified, experienced, and well trained team of professionals who will resolve all your electrical issues.

Our Online service electricians Bangalore are well equipped with modern testing and repairing tools. 

Domestic Services When it comes to domestic wiring, safety comes first. 

Our team is expert in planning for a proper domestic wiring, which includes:

New Wiring:

Domestic wiring requires a proper planning which includes:

Listing out the different appliances used in the kitchen, bedroom, washroom Hall, etc.

Selection of the best and latest materials available in the market like:

Selection of proper gauge and quality of wire.

Appropriate switchboard selection

Choosing a reliable brand.

  • Proper alignment and positioning of equipment and switch boards.

Repairing and maintenance:

Professionals at Prism Lead India provide you with basic electrical repairing services as well, such as

  • Fixing the wiring system
  • Fan installation
  • Faulty switchboard replacement
  • Ceiling light replacement
  • Decoration light fixing and removal on special occasions  
  • Meter repairing and fuse replacement

Commercial Services

Prism Lead India is well known to offer a wide range of commercial electrical contractors in Bangalore for our clients.

From basic electrical repair needs to all kinds of electrical wiring, new electrical build-outs.

Commercial building wiring and complete wiring health checkup, shop/showroom and garage electrical needs.

For more information please contact us at +91-9739744240

Electrician Bangalore
Electrician Bangalore

Industrial Services

Industrial electrical requirements are completely different from household electrical requirements. 

Prism Lead India has a special team of well certified and trained professionals to handle industrial Electrical Contractors requirements. 

Why Prism Lead India?

Our Prism Lead India Electricians Bangalore are well known for quality, timely delivery of service and safety precautions.

Prism Lead India provides electricians Bangalore at a lower price than any other company.

We don’t charge for unnecessary things. 

24 Hours Electrician Bangalore

PRISM LEAD INDIA has professional electricians Bangalore electrical contractors in Bangalore to provide you with all your electrical needs.

Our services include Electrical Contractors repairs, maintenance, and new fixtures for both homes and offices.

We guarantee that you receive excellent quality service, on-time delivery, and value for money.

We offer services these are the categories that apply to all:

There are three types of switches:

Main Control Board – Repairing or replacing an existing control board, as recommended by our expert.

If necessary, additional wiring and connections may be required.

Panelboard 3 Phase – Installation and Repair Included. Additional charges will apply to panels that are damaged.

The customer will be responsible for any costs associated with purchasing new materials.


  • Ceiling Installation / Uninstallation
  • Fan Regulator
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Rewinding/Bearing repair
  • Drilling per Hole


  • Light Fittings
  • Tube light
  • New Electric Points
  • Switchboard
  • Switch/Socket/Holder/Switch Plate
  • Fancy Lights/ Chandelier

For more information please contact us at +91-9739744240

All Electrical Services in Bangalore, including –

  • Wiring
  • Inverters & Battery
  • Other Electrical Services

Complete Home Health Check

This includes a general health check of wiring, fixtures and connections.

An inspection report will identify any major problems or repairs that are needed.

House 24 hour electrician Bangalore service – Bangalore

Bangalore, a Karnataka city, is beautiful and enhanced by the right lights.

Electricity is not only needed to light up homes and gardens but also for industrial and commercial purposes.

Maintaining electricity is essential if we want to use electronic devices and machines.

Importance of Electricity:

The home’s Electrical Contractors system is an essential component that must be looked after.

Professional 24 hour electrician Bangalore are preferred because they are experts in the field and have the experience to deal with small and large electrical problems.

In Bangalore, 24 hour electrician Bangalore charge on average INR 300 for their services.

For the completion of new homes, Electrical Contractors usually have an agreement with professional 24 hour electrician Bangalore

An 24 hour electrician Bangalore is essential for such projects.

The wiring needs to be done right from the start.

It must also be planned in order to make sure that rooms are elegant with the correct number of sockets and lights

There are two types of wiring: concealed wiring and exterior wiring. Hidden wiring is the most common type of wiring.

These 24 hour electrician Bangalore work alongside construction workers, sharing their plans and the necessary pipes.

Wires are then placed as the construction progresses.

This allows the cabling to be hidden within the infrastructure, giving it a cleaner look.

Hidden wiring cables are very durable and have a high quality.

It is difficult to identify and fix any problems with this type of cabling immediately.

This type of wiring is used most often in residential constructions because it makes the home look neater and more beautiful.

As the name implies, external wiring is the place where electrical cables are placed on top of a wall.

The cabling can be seen but is hidden in flat plastic pipes to protect your eyes.

This makes it much easier to repair any problem.

24 hour electrician Bangalore prefer these types of wiring and cabling because they can quickly identify the problem.

Hidden wiring is more expensive to repair.

Because of their domain knowledge and experience, professional 24 hour electrician Bangalore in Bangalore don’t mind wiring any kind.

Types of Electrician Bangalore work

They can be classified into three primary categories: Residential, Industrial, and Corporate Residential.

These are the basic requirements for any residential building.

These services provide electricians with support in wiring rooms, stairways, lifts, and other areas.

Hidden wiring is becoming a popular trend.

It enhances the appearance of the room and doesn’t leave wires hanging around.

While POP is being shaped into shapes for the walls or roof of any room.

Most of the wiring is done together with the artificial ceiling.

Most contractors have agreements with electricians that support the society after the contract ends.

Heavy-duty wiring is used to support heavy machinery.

Industries have a large capacity for high-voltage electricity.

This requires additional safety because labourers are at risk in the event of any problems.

To support the industry and keep it operating continuously, electrical cabling is done in multiple phases.

This includes 2 phase wiring and 3 to 4 phase wiring. Corporate – Bangalore has THOUSANDS of corporate companies.

These companies require a lot of wiring and numerous electrical points to be installed throughout the building.

The cabling for the corporate sector is two-fold.

One part uses direct electricity, while the other uses a UPS system.

This is done to ensure systems work even when the power goes out.

These types of wiring systems are a common requirement in all domains.

Whether they be residential, commercial, or industrial.

These basic requirements have required electricians to upgrade their skills beyond basic cabling.

This requires a new method of cabling.

Normal cabling is not reliable and can cause serious damage if it is directly connected to the UPS.

Different appliances are used in different industries and homes.

Reliable electricians in Bangalore have a good understanding of such situations.

They not only install appliances but also provide support services throughout the life of the appliance.

All About Cheap And Best Online Electricians Service:

Every household needs a qualified electrician at some point.

This could be for simple repairs such as a fuse or a switch, or more complex work such as wiring up a whole new house or replacing the wiring.

An 24 hour electrician Bangalore is always needed in an emergency. A trusted electrician can help you get your home back on track.

Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations of electrician Bangalore to hire.

Referring to friends and family is an excellent way of finding a competent, trustworthy electrician.

Another way to locate an 24 hour electrician Bangalore is to search the internet for electricians services.

It is crucial to verify the technical skills and knowledge of 24 hour electrician Bangalore services, depending on the complexity and scale of the job.

Smart homes are equipped with expensive and complex electrical gadgets.

You must hire an 24 hour electrician Bangalore who has the necessary skills to fix your problem or lay complicated wiring in your new home.

Based on the criteria above, create a list of potential 24 hour electrician Bangalore.

To discuss your project, set up a meeting with one of the selected services to arrange a visit to your house or the site of a new build.

The conference is the best time to discuss your project with the representative of the electrician’s service.

This includes highlighting specific needs and locations for electrical points.

If you’re making significant changes to your home’s electrical wiring, the electricians’ service might need to inspect it.

If you are looking for alternative solutions, the representative from the electricians should be able to offer them.

After meeting with an electrician representative, request a quote for your job.

The written quotation should include detailed estimates of wiring materials and types for large-scale electrical work, such as switches, mains, etc., labour costs, and a payment schedule, including any advance payments.

Ask about the guarantees and brands of the products that will be installed for your electrical work.

You should always get at least three written quotes from electricians before you commit to any electrical work.

This will allow you to compare the costs.

These steps will help you to evaluate an electrician before hiring them for your project or job.

Prism Lead India provides best electricians in


Regular electrical maintenance and repair are essential to keep your house or office running smoothly.

Regular maintenance and repair can help prevent any type of electrical failure.

Truneto understands the importance of electrical services.

Our electrician can provide service and maintenance on all your electrical motors, wiring and lightings.

Regular or emergency inspections, maintenance, and repairs of all electrical requirements are available by our trained electricians.

Here are some others services in Bangalore

We will provide you best and cheap online service Electricans near your area .

They are highly skilled and professional electricians in Bangalore.



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