Fulcrum Home Decor

A place to unwind & relax, a home that is functional and full of utilities. Fulcrum designed this cozy nest for a newly wedded couple!

Fulcrum Home Decor started off with a neutral colour story with a hint of warm earthy tones. Keeping the space well lit, we balanced it with geometric lines and circular elements. We gave the wall in the living room a customised brick wallpaper to add some texture, while in the bedroom, we kept the wall simply textured in a grey shade. In terms of decor we played with soft jute, linen and cotton pillows. We completed the look by adding accessories to suit their likes, little bits of fengshui and our uniquely designed furniture!

  • A Small and Compact Kitchen
  • View of the Living Area
  • View of the Living and Dining Area
  • View from the Entrance of the home
  • View of the compact Bedroom

Pritesh and Swarna say:
” It’s been more than a year since we got our interiors done by Fulcrum home decor. Great work done by Pallavi and her team. Every time we have a new guest at our house, the first thing that they notice is the quality of work done by her team.
Pallavi is exceptionally professional and has a great eye for colour and design. Highly recommend her if you are looking to get your home interiors done!

A cozy and warm home, a surprise to a new mother and child. Fulcrum literally transformed this home into a nest!

Following the brief of keeping the space calm and peaceful for the couple to unwind from their busy lives, Fulcrum Home Decor kept the colour scheme muted in the open floor plan and added a pop of colour in the decor. Fulcrum Home Decor created a lot of storage space, with wardrobes, consoles and lofts. Keeping the balcony breezy and green, we made the drapes inside very light and fresh.

Not going too modern in our approach, we kept the interiors Indian with a contemporary feel.

To maintain continuity throughout, lotus motifs and minimally carved wooden furniture were given the main stage, while the bedrooms got a theme of their own, one being minimal and the other being a turquoise and yellow haven!

  • View of the living room low seating
  • View of the low seating and panelling
  • View of the entertainment unit
  • View of Console
  • View of Dining area
  • View of Seating

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