Fulcrum Home Decor

Our Inspiration
YOU are our inspiration, Fulcrum works around you and your home. Curating your dreams, inspiration, needs and likes with our expert touch and a little bit of magic, we completely transform your spaces, into a reflection of your lifestyle and beliefs. Adapting and adhering to your choices, the process is tailored for you and your family.

Our Foundation
“The home is where the heart belongs”.

A strong belief that helps us design homes, that apart from looking spectacular, also make you feel secure and at solace, a space that you can trust and enjoy! Our style of designing includes keeping as much of the key structure and marrying your personality with the space, whilst bringing your home together! We’re here to help solidify your vision into reality.

Taking inspiration from art, culture and trends around the world, we work towards creating spaces which tell a story of function and design.

Our Pillars
With 20 years of experience in designing, Fulcrum Home Decor has developed a proud network of expert contractors, suppliers, artists and more. We are a catalyst helping you on the journey of creating something new by aiding you with technical knowledge & providing resources along the way.

A comprehensive design unit, assisting you right from the initial concept till you move into your space.

Our ‘Storey’
Founded by Pallavi Arora, Fulcrum came to being with her dream to impact living by designing homes and decor. She set off to create innovative spaces and intricate designs one step at a time. After designing over 50 homes, Fulcrum Home Decor now offers artistic furniture and furnishings designed in-house, along with elaborate space designing services across India.

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