Ghar Pe Service Interiors

Ghar Pe Service is Providing interior design solutions since 1999. Our 2 Decades of journey has provided us with the essential skills and resources to provide the best services to the customer at affordable price . We are pune based Branded, Standardized, Budget, home-design company. As part of Ghar Pe Service Interiors, we design a home keeping in mind the customer requirement and using our out of box thinking and creative ideas where you can cherish and lead a joyous and memorable lifestyle. Our service also includes free doorstep visit, design and installation making it extremely convenient and hassle-free to semi-furnish your home. Our service promises transparency in the material used and 45-120 days delivery. With this concept, Ghar Pe Service have made immediate access to semi-furnished market to provide quality interiors at unmatched price.

Key Highlights of Ghar pe service: –
# Customized interior designing with no price change.
# Over 45,000 sq.ft. developed and counting.
# More than 340 projects completed successfully
# 45-120 Days guaranteed deliver.
# 3 years warranty.

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