Glider Events

Certainly, We started as a small event company in the year 2010. Almost with only a team of 5 people. Since then our firm has grown into the top event management company in India. Glider has a team of Stall Fabricators that are well trained. Furthermore, we have also opened 4 Production Units in India. Our Production units are in Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad. Also, we have vendors in the whole of North India.

As a matter of fact, we give all the exhibition services for Custom Stall Fabricators. Including exhibition stall fabrication, exhibition stall design, and installation. In the same way, we do all types of marketing, exhibition planning, and execution. Certainly, we also look after the logistics and production. These services are lent by our own production team. From theory to life, a custom exhibition stall can be a hard task. Unless you have an exhibition fabricator. Surely we have the eye for all the details. Glider bets for your ease so that you can focus on your business. By all means, we can take care of your Exhibition Stalls.

Undeniably, we provide valued results for your exhibition stalls. In a similar fashion, we can give you help with your graphic design requirements. Indeed we have a good in-house base to aid exhibition stall design and exhibition services. By all means, we serve your vision and designing needs and displays. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about your location. Since we are located in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, and Coimbatore.

We have a list of Managers who can manage many stalls at the same time. Since many times, we get events in many locations on the same day. In other words, we have given good results. As a result, our clients will be very happy with our work.

Glider Events is an End to End Stall Fabrication provider in the field of,

  • Event Management
  • Stall Fabrication
  • Stall Installation
  • Corporate events
  • 3D Designing
  • Sound
  • AV Support and Promotions.

First of all, Glider is a firm that is direct in terms of work. Furthermore, we keep giving a pure class in quality and work. Above all, we follow the best practices in the market. This has led us to become one of the best event management companies in the market.

Our goal is to make every event a big hit and great. To point out we own our promise and quality of service. Also, the quality of the equipment that we use gives a great finish to your stalls. We give you the best Stall Fabricators in Chennai to work for you. To point out, we are a new company but our management and staff are highly skillful in this field. Thus as the case has been proved, we are the Best Stall Fabricators.

Due to this reason, we always give you the best quality stalls and stands. Likewise, the best thing about us is our list of happy clients. This is because all our Stalls and Stands are done with a great finish by our Stall Fabricators. Most certainly we are an Event Management Company. Furthermore, we are also the best Stall Fabricators you can find.

For the past ten years, our aim has only been customer satisfaction. Hence we have always provided our clients with the best of client service in the field of event management. Finally, we also can prove it through our clients who will even vouch for us.

From being a small event company with just 5 employees. we have grown to over 40 full-time employees. Furthermore, we have our own production team in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore. As a result, we provide jobs to the candidates by hiring them. Also, we give the best event management internship for students in Chennai.

We are the Specialist in MICE Industry.

Glider brings the best skills to the event business. In addition to the Stall Fabrication Events and Corporate Events bookings. Similarly, we give service to some of the largest Events, Brands, and venues in India. Our clients include major Event owners and Festival owners. Also, we deal with Venue owners, Caterers, Restaurants, Event management companies, and Corporate Event owners. It is known that Glider has worked with major brands in India.

We know deeply the role of an event management company in events. An Event Management Company helps with the designing, installation, and execution of an event. Hence, Glider is an expert in this field. We have the wisdom and skills set to see the big picture. Also, we can manage all the environments in the events. This is also an equally big task.

Our Industry is a vast community of corporate and Government companies. This brings room for us to take news and use it as a hold for partnerships. Certainly, with many vendors and other Event Management companies that provide services in places. Finally, we also provide service with our In-house Fabrication Unit in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad.

A glider has always and will always have passion and attachment to the Event Industry. We are passionate about our Events, Conferences, Meetings, Stall Fabrication, Corporate Events, and Product launch, and everything that we help create. Our Clients have always said and believed that we are fun to work with.

Glider prides itself on the excellence of its delivery. By promoting, collaborating, and partnership we maximizing returns on investments made by our clients. Certainly, we make the best Exhibition Stands in Chennai. Firstly, we have set benchmarks of the outcomes. Also, make a delivery that can be easily measured. Glider stands and stays accountable for everything that we say and do. We’ve established our service to brands that helped them to developed new audiences and have delivered exceptional results to our clients.

Exhibition Stall Fabrication is one of the back-bones of the Event Management Industry. The design & building components and processes need a clean process for installation. Nevertheless, we offer a wide range of custom build and install services. Besides they are affordable and accessible from many locations, Not only do we give tailored exhibition stall fabrication we also deliver on-time. Unlike others, we give the best exhibit solutions with a superb outlook. Similarly, we also give the highest quality material to use for Exhibition Stall Fabrication. Besides, we are always fully-equipped to design and build and Exhibition Stalls with beat fabrication tools.


  • Pop- Up Exhibition Stands
  • Portable Exhibition Kit
  • Exhibition Stall Designing
  • Magnetic Pop Up Display Stand
  • Promotional Exhibition Stall
  • Expo Mart Exhibition Stands

What is a pop up stand?

The pop-up stand and pop-up exhibition stall is the type of display that is made up of a pop-up frame structure and PVC graphic panels. Additionally, they are attached to the frame. In other words, these are ideal for creating eye-catching and professional backdrops for events, exhibitions, and shows. Unlike banner stands, these are more effective in producing high finishing touch.

There are 4 types of pop-up stands that we offer

  • Curved Classic pop-up stand
  • Straight Classic pop-up stand
  • Fabric pop-up stand
  • Linked pop-up stand

Though these stands are made in our warehouse located in Chennai, our team of best Stall Fabricators in Chennai assemble them on the spot. Regardless of where your Exhibition or Event is taking place.

What is a Portable Exhibition Kit?

Portable Exhibition Kit is the future of the Stall Fabricators. To begin with, even many blue-chip companies find these easy to use at exhibition stall fabrication venues. After all, we take care of the customers’ requests for quality, cost, and design.

To point out, we offer many types of portable exhibition kits for your requirements. You can use these Stalls for exhibitions, events, promotions, etc. In fact, nowadays Portable Exhibition Kits are being widely used in the market because they are reusable and very durable.

In particular, we offer these 8 types of Portable Exhibition Stalls

  • 2-Meter x 3-Meter Portable Exhibition Stall
  • 3-meter x 3-meter Portable Exhibition Stall
  • 3 Sides Open Exhibition Stand Space
  • 4-meter x 3-meter Portable Exhibition Stall
  • 6-meter x 3-meter Portable Exhibition Stall
  • 6-meter x 6-meter Portable Exhibition Stall

Brand Activation Kit
Star Kit
What is Exhibition Stall Designing?

First of all, there are a lot of factors to consider even before our Fabricators start to build a Stall. Eventually, we will need a design to build it. Now that is where we will need a team of Exhibition Stall Designers to design for us. These designers take a lot of effort into carefully designing the stalls. To summarize, Stall Designing is a very Key factor. In Brief, this is what is going to draw the attention of your consumers to come and visit your Stall.

What is a Magnetic Pop Up Display Stand?

Obviously, these stands to magnets. s an illustration, let us explain, it is similar to the other stalls we make. Then again we use digital Vinyl graphic panels which get attached to an Ecofix portable backdrop with the help of high-quality magnetic strips.

What is a Promotional Exhibition Stall?

For one thing, We must all know that these stalls don’t need to be explained. t is a Niche. In other words, these are exhibition Stalls that Stall Fabricators make for the sake of promoting an event.

What is the Expo Mart Exhibition Stand?

As shown above this word Exhibition Stand Design speaks for itself. identically, These are Stand Designswhich will make you Stand to look great in an Exhibition. To put it in other words, this will engage and attract consumers in that exhibition to your stand. Which is useful in grabbing their maximum attention. In essence, Your stand design is the main message that your brand communicates.

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