Second Hand Gold Buyers In Jayanagar

At Prism Lead India, you may notice everything that offers your Gold Buyers in Jayanagar Sell Companies in Jayanagar and jewellery a very valuable return. So, we tend to aim to pay the best-guaranteed costs for your assets with assured returns on your savings within the safest type of methodology.

We tend to build the complete method simple and secure within the gold commerce business. We tend to square measure a one-stop resolution for mercantilism: your Gold, Silver, Diamond, or different ornaments in money, cheque, or whichever mode of payment you’re comfy with.

we tend to take an additional step to supply Instant Payment for every kind of knickknack by Instant Analysis of the precious ornament. We tend to use next-generation gold analysis machines that offer correct and reliable results, that makes the United States stand excluding the remainder within the trade.

Gold Buyers in Jayanagar


  • We do not deduct any creating charges
  • we tend to offer you the most effective worth of your jewellery
  • Check the purity of gold by German created purity checking machine
  • we do not soften any valuable, in-case you’re not proud of worth we tend to come back your jewellery while not damaging
  • Selling price based on the purity of Gold Buyers in Jayanagar
  • Pay immediate Money against your gold, silver jewelry
  • Cash, NEFT, IMPS and RTGS (online) transferred service accessible
  • We do not remove stones, beads, or any metals for valuation

Prism Lead India helps the client to unlock their gold loan and different jewelry from banks, pawnshops, NBFCs and buy the gold at the most effective value than anyone else. Prism Lead India Gold Buyers in Jayanagar can offer money to pre-close your pledged gold loan.

We tend to visit the placement with customers, pay the desired quantity to unleash the pledged gold and once checking the purity of pledged gold at our nearest workplace, Prism Lead India buys back the gold jewelry and pays you the balance once deducting the quantity bought emotionally.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to create our complete accountability and satisfy our customers. We tend to square measure trying forward to being one among the most effective gold commerce corporations in Asian countries.


Prism Lead India Company is a trusted gold Shopping for company, Gold Buyers in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Prism Lead India Company determined that unorganized sector square measure is unethical thanks to checking the purity of gold and cheating in advising the gold accurately.

We’ve returned up with an answer wherever we tend to use XRF technology employing a German-made machine to examine gold purity and weight accurately.

  • We tend to obtain your gold at current market rate
  • 100% truthful and precise gold shopping for
  • Safe and hassle-free procedure
  • There’s no limit on marketing the gold

Scrap Gold Buyers In Jayanagar

Why Gold Buyers in Jayanagar patrons square measure a more robust choice than any pawnbrokers, NBFCs, jewelry outlets, and others. We, Prism Lead India Gold patrons, supply not solely the net market rate for your jewelry however additionally do not charge any process fee not like different gold shopping for corporations. Also, we tend to not deduct any creating charges, broken charges, and the other hidden charges.

If you attend different gold shops for corporations, or NBFCs, they charge more than 5% + GST for buying your gold, but at Prism Lead India, we don’t charge any amount. So you can easily save Rs 5000 to 10,000 on 20 grams of gold.

If a private is willing to induce money then they typically hold their golds to at higher interests and just in case if the people miss the monthly interest rates then the number goes high with every passing month. At one moment, it becomes too difficult to unharness the pledged gold and eventually, they’re forced to sell the gold at a lesser value.

If you select the Gold Buyers in Jayanagar for the company to eliminate your gold for best worth, return to PLI Gold Buyers in Jayanagar for Company. Why raise to return to us? We tend to square measure the primary legitimate Gold Buyers in Jayanagar for companies that supported our headquarter in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, providing an internet market rate of the day, no creating charges deduction & no method fee, we tend to settle for all types of gold.

you’ll get the total market value for your gold, avoid loss of quantity in sort of interests, and process fees. So, visit Prism Lead India to induce the most effective value for your Gold Buyers in Jayanagar by evaluating and checking the purity of gold within the German technology XRF purity checking machine.

Why Prism Lead India Best For gold coin buyers?

Top gold patrons square measure close to you to shop for your precious gold or connected gold product. Our representatives square measure professional commerce and can assess the purity of gold. The method of checking the gold purity is the advanced technique employing a German device with the newest XRF technology right before you.

Once purity, we’ll weigh the gold during a utterly clear mode right before the client that offers you complete satisfaction. we’ll quote the calculable asking price quantity to you once deducting commission and taxes.

Documentation verification of your address and Id proofs with purchased bill quantity and written consent is needed. Once you’re absolutely glad with our value, payments are straight off free against your gold byCash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS otherwise, we’ll come back to you the valuable gold item with no injury.

Get The Best Jewellery for cash

It would be best if you usually tried to seek out the most effective gold jewelry customer to encash your gold. widespread commodities can assist you get high values for your jewelry.

Check out our specialties before exchange gold for cash:

  • Your gold analysis at NO additional charge.
  • We are an ISO certified gold buying company.
  • No processing fee to buy your gold.
  • 100% guaranteed to offer the best rate than anyone else.
  • We believe in complete transparency as our motto is to benefit you not us.
  • We do transfer your funds in Cash / RTGS / IMPS / Google pay / Paytm and other modes of payments.
  • We check the purity of gold by the latest gold purity checking machine which minimizes the damaging of your gold to nil.
  • No weight loss or damage to the jewellery while testing.
  • We even don’t deduct stone weight.

We don’t take away stones/beads/diamonds for valuation.

Who All Are Eligible To Cash for gold and silver?

As per the norms, someone should be a minimum of eighteen years and higher than is allowed to interact. Persons between the people of eighteen and twenty one years ought to have the relations or trustee with written permissions with their documentation.

Sellers should give a compulsory one ID and address for verification. a merchant is allowed to sell solely those things that square measure purchased and familial or if it belongs to the relation with their written consent solely. Sellers aren’t allowed to sell the articles of happiness to friends, relatives, colleagues, or other persons.

Documentation verification of your address and Id proofs with purchased bill quantity and written consent is needed. Once you’re absolutely glad with our value, payments are straight off free against your gold by Cash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS otherwise, we’ll come back to you the valuable gold item with no injury.

Our Specialization

Online Market Rate

We offer you the best rate for your gold jewellery than anyone else in the market.

No Hidden Charges

There aren’t any hidden charges on your jewelry. We tend to pay clear-cut. The value depends on the purity of your gold.

No Deductions

Sell your gold at threshold in any conditions. We tend to not deduct any charges for broken, previous or broken jewelleries or process fees.

Instant Money

Get the benefit in ten minutes. We tend to check the purity of gold through the XRF machine and supply instant money.

Best Gold Buyers in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Prism Lead India has leading consultants with profound information in shopping for jewellery and allied merchandise. it’s the most effective place to shop for, sell, and pledge Gold Buyers in Jayanagar or Sell Companies in Jayanagar for money at market value.

Our team is extremely trained by structure consultants from the trade to judge Gold Buyers in Jayanagar with multiple tests. Although this can be a tough task, we tend to continuously attempt to grant the most effective to our customers that exceed their expectations and to produce true worth to their assets.

Our vision is to produce the most effective services for our customers and that we produce the most effective platform to satisfy the one United Nations agency needs to sell their gold for a better worth.

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