Handiman Services Ltd

Since then, we’ve grown to have a stemming presence across 4 states and various customer segments in India. With years of experience and knowledge that we have garnered over the years, today we hold the custodianship of hundreds of clients who have satisfactorily experienced Handiman. Delivering solutions in more than 150 projects comprising of corporates, industries, commercial & residential and powered by a workforce of around 3000+ who have the expertise of maintaining over 100 million sq. feet space.

Today, we are a proud Premises Care Service Provider offering integrated solutions to various customer segments including housekeeping, security, engineering services such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, landscaping, generators, sewage treatment plant, and more. We understand that our clients operate in a competitive world with constantly changing needs. They need a dependable partner who they can trust, so that they focus on what they do best – their business. Handiman is your caretaker and not just a better service provider! We believe service is about solving and hence take extra efforts to understand customer anxieties and pain points.
Strategic Direction
Handiman wants to accelerate growth to reach Rs 500 crore in turnover in coming 4 years. This will be achieved via 6 growth engines.

• Geography Expansion: Expand its horizons into different parts of the country.

• New Sectors & Services: Getting into business for new customer sectors with unique service delivery requirements such as hospitality industry. Handiman also plans to offer new services to enhance its growth.

• New Business Units: Focus on new business units through customized offerings and collaborations. Handiman wants to progress into different service offering which provides individualized offerings for different customer segments.

• Service Excellence Guarantee: Provide service excellence guarantee in critical service areas and make Handiman outstanding service organization.

• High Caliber People: We believe that it is the people who makes the difference especially in the service industry. To invest in hiring the right people and groom them professionally by right engagement and development is what Handiman plans for the future.

• Inorganic Growth: To unlock new business opportunities through acquisitions and mergers of similar business verticals to grow at a faster pace.

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