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About us

Guided by ‘customer-first’ ethos

We are in the business of delivering excellence. With our first step in 1987, we have made sure that sustained efforts drive customer satisfaction in every chance we get. Today, looking back at our journey, we feel motivated to keep going forward.


We are an established leader in specialized services with over 30 years of experience across various industries. With a client retention ratio of above 98%, Hindustan Facilities drives the 16000+ workforce with a ‘customer first’ attitude to provide customized solutions and add value to our customers through continued support and service excellence. Going forward, we promise to keep innovating new solutions using advanced mechanized cleaning systems and follow best practices for maximum compliance.

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Core Values

I. Customers
Our customers are our first priority. Every effort that we take is towards making the service experience better for our customers. We believe in delivering exceptional quality service at affordable price.
II. Environment
Facilities management is an industry that has a greater scope of creating a positive impact on the environment. Our practices and policies are designed to protect the environment yet provide a superior facility management experience.
III. Communication
If for any reason you aren’t happy with our cleaning services, our customer channels are always open for feedback & communication. Client satisfaction is the primary focus and we fulfil every request in order to exceed your expectations.


At Hindustan Facilities, we believe the true responsibility of good leadership lies in giving others a fair chance to succeed by taking bold steps. Our focus is to create capable leaders at every level of business operations who can tackle obstacles and cultivate growth.

R.A. Pathak
Group Chairman

Gautam Pathak
Group Director

Gaurav Pathak
Group Director

Santosh Suvarna
Director – HF

Yogesh Suvarna
Director – HF

Meghanath Suvarna
Director – HF
04- Why Choose Us
In 33 years of enabling businesses, Hindustan Facilities has managed to carve a niche for itself in premium cleaning and facility management services space. We understand that each organization is unique and therefore, we customize our responsibilities to suit your diversified

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