Ivno Events and Productions

Ivno (Juno) was a Roman Goddess, she was the queen of the Gods, In one of her epithets she is believed to be the goddess of Events, fashion & creativity. She was unique herself by bringing into her kingdom the art of Fashion & Events. She also created an environment of merry making in which her fashion & Event quality were displayed along with the feast, which in today’s term is called Event Management.

Inspiring from the name, we incorporate the same to all our events; Whether it’s a meeting, conference, trade show, gala, social gathering, fundraiser, corporate events, concerts, sports, wedding and much more.

Thinking, Perception and Message, is what we closely work on. We at Ivno ensure that our clients strategy and message is aligned, from business objectives and brand values, to target audience and event format. We conceptualize events with creative treatment

Our ideals and faith in our persevering ethos, we constantly strive towards being amongst the most respected event management and entertainment firms in the country. We extend the same values to all our solutions in the field of Events, Activations, Entertainment and Wedding experiences for our clients.

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