Jupiter Administrative and Security Services

Jupiter Administrative & Security Services was established in 1991. The Company is professionally managed, and the management team includes seasoned and qualified personnel drawn from the corporate world and senior retired defense officers. Jupiter Administrative & Security Services is more than 15 Years in this business and have deployed more than 5000 security personnel’s all-over North India (Delhi, U.P, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal, and Uttaranchal) Our working philosophy revolves around the concept “Total Client Satisfaction”.

This is well reflected in our clients’ retention percentage rate of 95%. We are engaged in a continuous endeavor to update the skill of our staff to match with the ever-changing security scenario. Through the two decades of its existence, Jupiter has endeavored to provide the best security solutions to its customers through innovation, commitment to quality, training and strict compliance to international standards. We have over the years produced many innovations which have been established as industry benchmarks today. It is this spirit of innovation that has heralded Jupiter as the undisputed leader in the Indian Security Industry. We see ourselves as dependable associates guiding you along the way to optimal solutions, executing the plans efficiently and ensuring your business success. We deliver premium services with high quality and absolute integrity.

It will be our journey to reach the zenith in the Indian Security Industry in terms of products/service range, service quality, and operations network. We have the vision to provide error-free and cost-effective World-Class Security Services to meet and satisfy the exact needs of clients throughout India. We shall achieve this through design up-gradation and refinement of services and with an untiring effort toward performance management.

We shall strive to retain customer loyalty through consistent delivery of value for money products/services to delight our customers. We wish to offer our human assets a challenging and healthy working environment where talents are nurtured, and new opportunities are provided for sustained growth and development. We have been persistently expanding vertically and horizontally and wish to continue the same without compromising on the quality if the services provided.
Administrative & Staffing
Investigations and vigilance
Employee leasing services in all the areas of operations such as Security Officers, Personal Security Officers, Investigation staff, Customer Care/ Customer support, Sales, Front Office Management, Systems/ EDP, Net Working, Web Designing, Accounts and general administrative staffs, Skilled/ Unskilled manpower.

Statutory Compliances
The company was registered under the Shops and Establishment Act in 1991. We are registered under the companies Act 1956(No.1 of 1956 vide certificate of Incorporation Corporate Identity Number U74910DL2007PTC157988 dated 2006-2007. Our ESI & Provident fund numbers are as under:PF No. DL-935031 ESIC Code No. D/11-10-102219-1001-A02
Our services Tax Registration No. AABCJ8203EST001
Our PAN No. is AABCJ8203E
We have Licenses under Private Security Agency Regulation Act for all states we operate

Our Bankers are
PNB, Jangpura Extn. New Delhi.
SBI, New Delhi.
PNB, Panki Industrial Estate, Kanpur
Our Obligations
We will be the directs employer in respect of our employees posted with your company and their fringe benefits such as PF, ESI & Bonus etc. will be our liability. We pay salaries to personnel by the 7th of each month as per Labour Contract (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970 and also as per Minimum Wage Act as applicable from time to time.

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