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Welcome to Laptop Service Center in Whitefield. Prism Lead India contract-based service provider is the leading Laptop Service Center in Whitefield company to offer genuine laptop spare parts and products.

We have highly skilled professionals Laptop Service Center in Whitefield with years of experience in the laptop repair industry, well trained with a depth knowledge to understand the laptop problems for all brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Apple, Asus, Toshiba, etc Our Laptop Service Center in Whitefield provides expert Laptop Service Center in Whitefield on the same day. All you need to do is to reach us on our website.

Prism Lead India is a contract-based Laptop Service Center in Whitefield service provider that specializes in fixing any laptop problem, Whether virus removal to motherboard chip level service, Screen replacement, Keyboard repair, laptop spare parts upgrade services, or any other fault.

We will be able to fix them all within a short time. We are experts in broken laptop rework, and liquid spillage, and provide data recovery on dead hard drives, and laptop motherboard BGA (Ball Grid Array ) Chip Level Service.

We offer Laptop Service Center in Whitefield to many businesses, schools, and government organizations. Prism Lead India is a multi-brand Laptop Service Center in Whitefield and provides the best service at an affordable cost, that’s why we are called the No.1 laptop repair center in Whitefield Bangalore city.

Our Laptop Techanicians or Repair Shops in Whitefield At an Affordable Price

Our identification as a well-founded Laptop Service Center in Whitefield provider has paved the way for our accolade. Our rule is pretty simple:

Everything we do revolves around our clients”. Since our inception, we have served hundreds of Corporate, Institutions, and Computer dealers besides end users. We are one of the exclusive Dell, HP & Lenovo laptop service providers in Whitefield.

Everyone knows electronic goods aren’t robust and they are too delicate in nature and as a result, we may encounter problems with electronic devices at any time.

We at Prism Lead India Technologies diagnose and troubleshoot all major branded system problems and service them in a professional Laptop Service Center in Whitefield manner with our skilled and well-experienced technicians.

We are constantly striving to build credibility by understanding clients’ problems thereby offering customized and appropriate solutions to keep pace with the challenges ahead.

By implementing up-to-date diagnostic practices with the latest equipment, we are proficient to identify and handle all kinds of system problems and offer solutions that are both effective and efficient.

PLI channels all our experiences and expertise to provide service that enables our clients to get their computers to work faster and better than ever before.

Besides offering solutions for laptop & computer chip repair in Whitefield Bangalore, we also provide Hardware Troubleshooting, Network Solution, Software Installation, Virus Disinfection, Bad Sector removal in Hard disk, etc.

The laptop is an essential item to carry around for most people, including students and businessmen. Therefore, when things have gone wrong have you ever asked yourself are there any good Laptop Service centers in Whitefield ‘Laptop repairing shops near me’; ‘Laptop Service Center in Whitefield near me, and ‘Laptop shop in Whitefield that are reliable.

The answer to that today is yes as we maintain Original Equipment Manufacturer standards with Electrostatic Discharge compliant workspaces. Prism Lead India Laptop Service Center in Whitefield provider can do any Laptop Service Center in Whitefield. Therefore, we can repair the laptop in our service center or from anywhere in the city for that matter.

Best Laptop Service Center in Whitefield At Doorstep 

Due to our growing dependence on computers, Laptop Service Center in Whitefield has become a much-demanded laptop service. Improper usage, accidental water damage, or a broken laptop may require serious repairs such as laptop screen replacement or motherboard repair.

You may need an expert Laptop Service Center in Whitefield for problems such as a faulty laptop battery. Prism Lead India contract-based service provider is a well-known technicians laptop service center in Whitefield serving as a one-stop shop for all your laptop repair needs.

Our team’s technology geek will precisely identify the core hardware and software servicing issue to fix it completely. We offer Laptop Repair In Whitefield for varied laptop brand models, including Dell, Acer, Vaio, and Asus, among others.

Apart from physical damage, we also offer other troubleshooting services such as malware or virus removal, to speed up your devices. Our professionals are also adept at upgrading various laptop models to new software.

Laptop Service Center in Whitefield

Following are the Statistics of the Most Common Defects that a Laptop Owner may have:

● The laptop screen is broken.

● Quick draining of the laptop battery charge.
● DDR memory modules do not function.
● USB ports are damaged.
● Ingress of water on the device keyboard.
● Power supply damage. 35% of our customers have this problem.
● The PC does not charge. This problem happens because of the charging slot breach or
battery failure.
● Windows failure
● Key damage. It mostly happens because of the incorrect use of the keyboard, additional
efforts while typing, or low-quality components.
● Device overheating due to the contaminated cooling system.

The video card is overheating and closing in the motherboard.

Laptop Service Center in Whitefield Work Process

To avail of the best Laptop Service Center in Whitefield at Prism Lead India contract-based service provider have a repair center, you will have first to complete a form provided by our agent.

This document acts as a formal contract binding the customer and company for Laptop Service Center in Whitefield. The form includes contact details of the customer, their defect explanation, and information on the visible laptop condition. Our team will diagnose the device, and you will be informed about the results and the repair service cost.

After you agree to the service, our Laptop Service Center in Whitefield technicians will repair it, and you will receive an SMS mentioning the status and price of the repair work. You can then visit our Laptop Service Center in the Whitefield shop and test your device to ensure it’s working properly and the problem has been rectified. We never demand payment in advance. After paying the service charge, we will provide a check along with a one-year warranty.

● Replacing the laptop’s backlight
● Cleaning the laptop from dust
● Replacement of thermal pad of a laptop
● Cleaning the laptop after flooding
● Replacing the laptop battery?
● Replacing laptop screen
● Repair and replace the video card in a laptop
● Repair of the cooling system in the Laptop
● Replacing the hard drive in the laptop
● Repair laptop motherboard
● Replacing laptop keyboard
● Replacing laptop speakers
● Replacing the memory of the laptop
● Windows installation
● Cleaning the laptop against viruses
● Installing software on a laptop
● Upgrade your laptop
● Recover laptop data
● Re-flashing bios in laptop
● Replacing laptop cooler
● Replacing laptop Processor
● Cleaning laptop keyboard
● USB port replacement in laptop
● Repair laptop power supply
● Laptop body repair
● Replacement of webcam in the laptop
● Laptop Spare Parts change in Whitefield

If you’re near our Laptop Service Center in Whitefield. Drop in and we’ll diagnose the most common issues on the spot. Or we can pick up, repair, and drop back your laptop computer to your doorstep whether you’re at work or home.

So, wherever you are in Whitefield Bangalore, we’re here for you. Because laptops don’t stay in one place and may fail while you’re on the move, at a meeting, or at the university library. After all, When you type ‘laptop repair near me’ into your favorite search engine, you’re not always at home.

It doesn’t matter where you are, our responsive computer repair team we’ll find you or we’ll help you to find us for your Laptop Service Center in Whitefield. We offer a warranty for our repair. We fix everything in-house by our certified technician or we call them certified Prism Lead India, the contract-based service provider. In other words, when your laptop passes away and you need quick, reliable results, you need

On the move, Where it may be in the office or home. Wherever your laptop breaks down, the result is the same: work interrupted, clients left waiting, deadlines reaching closer. We understand that your laptop is your life, your business, or your degree more than just a tool. It’s your qualification. And you need it active and running prior to the important deadline’s roars.

Our laptop repair services are built to cover every problem that may occur. We are equipped with the latest infrastructure for repairing your Laptop, whatever it may be! With the help of Advanced equipment, Through Prism Lead India ensures you high on quality work with low charges.

You can call us to save your precious business time. We assure you that you won’t face any delay and hence, you don’t need to adjourn your work for long.

How To Fix Your Laptop Overheating?

3 Ways to Cool Down an Overheating Laptop

Laptop overheating is very common, and many people have experienced it, especially in summer. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation performance of the laptop is not good, which can easily lead to the laptop breakdown, blue screen, and other issues.

In this article, I will explain the reasons for laptop overheating and three ways to stop overheating. This guide applies to all laptop brands, including Acer, Asus, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, etc. Through these methods, you can easily cool down your laptop.

Why is your laptop Overheating?

1. Too much dust

Too much dust can block the vents of the laptop, resulting in poor air circulation inside the laptop, and also impossible to dissipate the heat inside the laptop. At the same time, the dust will also stick to the cooling fan, which will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency of the fan.

2. Too many running programs.

When the laptop runs too many programs, the utilization of the CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, motherboard, and power supply is very high, and when these components are used at a high rate, a lot of heat is dissipated, so that the laptop will overheat.

3. Use the Environment.

When the ambient temperature of the laptop is too high, the heat generated by the laptop will increase, and the heat dissipation efficiency will decrease relatively.

How to stop your laptop from overheating?

1. Use a laptop cooling pad

Although you can’t add a cooling fan inside the laptop, you can buy a laptop cooling pad or an exhaust radiator to enhance heat dissipation performance.

For users who use notebooks, it is especially easy to get hot when playing games in summer, and sometimes it is not possible to solve the problem of high ambient temperature fundamentally by cleaning up the dust.

In this case, it is recommended to use a cooling pad or an exhaust radiator to enhance the heat dissipation performance. I have used both radiators. My suggestion is that the exhaust radiator has better cooling performance.

2. Clean Vents

After the notebook is used for a long time, the vents on the bottom and both sides may be covered with dust and lint, which will prevent the air from flowing, causing the hot air inside the laptop not to flow out.

At this time we need to clean the dust and lint covering the air vents; you only need to use compressed air and thin plastic tools to clean the dust. But these vents are located in different locations based on the laptop model. Before cleaning it, you need to find the right vents.

You can regularly clear the air vents, which can greatly reduce the possibility of component damage and can avoid the performance degradation of the laptop.

3. Clean heatsink and cooling fan

After using the laptop for more than one year, its fan will be covered with a layer of dust, and the heat sink will cover a lot of dust and lint. We need to open the laptop to clean the dust, which is the only way to solve laptop overheating. But many people have no experience in disassembling laptops. This method is relatively difficult.

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