MANKSA was raised by Colonel Manoj Keshwar as a full service security company in 2013, then, based out of Gujarat.

Manksa has been providing outstanding security services to some big name Public Sector Undertaking Companies such as Indian Oil Company Limited, National Thermal Power Corporation, BSNL, Airport Authority of India, Doordarshan Kendra, Hindustan Petroleum Limited and many more.


The Manksa company has been providing, end to end Security to Installations, townships, residential enclaves, sensitive oil units, transmission towers, access controls to office areas, construction sites and management of high volume traffic etc.

Providing armed and unarmed security personnel, man and women – who are smart, trained in security processes and know the unit specific procedures.

Prism Lead India provides best security guards, painters, plumbers, packers and movers company, Interior Designers, etc.

I high level of training and astute supervision has been our forte while delivering security services that is a cut above.MANKSA sources its human resources from among the young and dynamic ex NSG, ex Special Forces, ex Military and ex CPFs.

Onboarding the procedures and processes from the best in the World we bring you a carefully crafted solution to your security needs.

Your security solution tailored to specific needs.Handpicked supervisory staff who regularly ensure quality of security services.

Smart, qualified, trained, well mannered and proactive security personnel.Specialise in gender specific needs and provide best trained women guards.

Well versed with modern security equipment, CCTV, scanning devices, metal detectors etc.24×7 Helpline and backup of our services.

Residential and Commercial Security Our Manksa security guards will act as an extension of the property management organisationresidential and commercial security servicesUniformed Security – Commercial and Residential.

Residential premises, condominiums, business offices and commercial spaces spend large amount of money for their security and it’s thus paramount that they get the peace of mind that they are paying for.

The primary role of residential and commercial security guard services in Delhi depends on the kind of premises he or she is posted to.

They could have multifarious tasks – from basic safety and security of the building, emergency response to situations, handling of parcel services, bookings of amenities, access control and supervision of people moving in and out of the premises, handling facility maintenance issues, parking enforcement, incident reposting and escalation, supervising CCTV control systems, maintaining a QRT (Quick Reaction Team) and many other related tasks.

In most cases, commercial and residential home security companies will act as an extension of the property management organisation.

On some days, such as weekends and holidays, the security guard is the sole person responsible for making sure that the premises are secure and run smoothly, and that all the security procedures and rules are followed.

They may also be called upon to deal with potential issues such as injuries, water leaks, fire alarms, elevator emergencies, etc.

The right residential and commercial security services are, therefore, an indispensable organ of the community that is not just looks after the premises, but also for peace of mind of the occupants and management. This peace of mind is enabled when you know that your premises and property is in good hands.

Manksa has a Seven Step System to achieve this sense of security:

A. Understand Client Needs
It all begins with a clear understanding of your risks and security requirements – and the assets you wish to secure.

B. Know the Site
This is then followed up with our inspection team visiting your site in detail and working out an optimum security manpower and equipment deployment assessment.

C. Creating SOPs
Standard Operating Procedures are the bedrock of security system operations. We create a detailed site-specific SOP, and run it by you for your satisfaction. Once we and the client agree to a method of security processes, our team will put all policies and procedures in writing – down to the last detail.

D. Quality Staff Selection
Based on the needs of the security system required, we initiate a rigorous selection process to deploy the security manpower and equipment.

Manksa team will go through the reference and background checks to ensure that only the best is deployed.

When shortlisting security personnel, we check out each candidate’s education, knowledge, ability to think quickly on their feet as well as relevant soft skills.

E. Right Man for the Right Job
Once a team is selected, getting the right person for the specific job is paramount.

This matching of job requirements to a person is key to the successful implementation of security procedures. While the job is taxing and monotonous, Manksa know that they will perform best in good health and state of mind.

The ergonomics of a work-life balance on an employee’s overall job satisfaction and long-term performance cannot be underestimated.

Unlike other commercial and residential security companies in Delhi, we ensure that employees are looked after at the site they work at, as well as in their schedule and distance to work.

F. Training
Training is crucial to performing any task. Thus, we ensure that they are properly trained to site-specific requirements.

During training, which is done in the classroom and onsite, they have to understand the complete premises, site SOPs, the escalation matrix, reporting systems, emergency response mechanisms, contact numbers, intervention drill etc.

In addition to training regular guards, we train 15% additional back-ups to cover for absences due to days off, vacations and illness.

G. Supervision
The key to excellence in human resource heavy tasks comes from astute supervision.

Once a security guard is trained, we regularly monitor their performance though unannounced site visits, trespass scenarios, report reviews, client feedback, etc.

Patrol tracking is yet another system residential and commercial security companies employ to ensure that patrols are done in the areas specified, with the desired frequency.

Integration of commercial and residential security guard services in Delhi with premises management is a very important aspect. MANKSA places a high value on nurturing relationships with our employees.

Manksa site visits are not just about inspecting and supervising employees, but also are about having an open interaction and getting to know the employees well, their pain points – and resolving issues in the best interest of premises requirements and personnel welfare.

Areas We Service
Manksa can provide a reputable home and/or business security service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and the surrounding area.