Maru Contractor Waterproofing Contractors Membrane and chemical waterproofing expert and Roof and Painting Contractors


Maru contractor is a leading Waterproofing contractor and service provider in mumbai and navi mumbai & thane.we specialise in diagnosis and treatment.our professionalis to give your best services as per customer satisfaction we under take A to Z waterproofing work.Maru contractor provides a wide range of Waterproofing solutions for different needs.our expertise is to diagnose the problem from the source.        We are having a wide experience in this field and have successfully executed number of jobs directly or as a sub contractor.our team of expert and skilled labour can carry out any type of painting , repairing, restoration and waterproofing work by using specia-lized equipment and quality material for the same.
We doing many type of Waterproofing on various application or area

✓  Roof Waterproofing
✓  Bathroom Waterproofing
✓  External walls Waterproofing
✓  Water tank Waterproofing
✓  Tarrace waterproofing
✓  Basement waterproofing
✓  Commercial Waterproofing
✓  Leakeg waterproofing
✓  Swimming pool Waterproofing
✓  Wall crack Waterproofing
✓  Membrane Waterproofing
✓  Chemical waterproofing
✓  Tarfelting Waterproofing
✓  All roofing work
✓  Heat proofing services
✓  All types bungalow’s tiles work
✓  Weather proofing painting
✓  Moonsoon shead
✓  External & Interior painting

Our Waterproofing service 100% guaranteed job which will remain watertight without any problem for years to come.we provide high quality service for very suitable prices

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