McCoy Home appliances Customer Care Bangalore

McCoy, a trusted brand from V K Group India, founded in 1978. “The Real McCoy” is an idiom known for “the real thing” or “exactly what it is claimed to be”. Like the name suggest we at McCoy strive hard to bring the best quality of home appliances manufactured in India at our completely backward integrated manufacturing facilities spread across the country. Being in the appliance manufacturing industry for more than 45 years, we have grown from our experience and continue to learn the ever-changing needs of this dynamic market and continue to provide the best quality of products to our customers. Our products have been serving more than 5 million customers in India and more than a million customers globally.

With our stringent quality standards we aim to provide best value to our customers with a promise of happiness, comfort and convenience.

We’re in the business of making Indian home maker’s lives convenient. We work as a team to push our limits further to provide customers more suitable options which produce high quality products at competitive pricing.

McCoy Home appliances paved our way from small workshop to McCoy with appreciation of our loyal customers.

McCoy Home appliances identity is the key to our leadership. McCoy has strengthen its way towards customer trust and reputation over the years of hard work and fruitful journey. We use our 45 years of experience to plan and deliver the best home appliance for our customer.

This trust of our customers in McCoy has enable us to be the market player, be it to be air coolers, water heaters, mixer- grinders, gas stoves, irons and fans. We strive to keep on closing the gap between comfort, luxury and amenity in cost effective way. Our journey of constant improvement, innovative thinking and immaculate planning, fuelled by dedicated teamwork. Our destination lies in helping our customers in any way we can.

As per 64% stats, customers believes that customer service is more important than price. This self-explanatory term helps us to put our customers first, above all. Which makes us believe in doing business around them and doing what’s important to them.

McCoy Home appliances strongly believe in “Building trust with your customers leads to brand loyalty.

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