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Since the day of our inception Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd meaning ‘My Kitchen’, has been a trendsetter in kitchen designs and technology.It has gained recognition as a pioneer in providing superior quality kitchen solutions that are unique and backed with World class technology. We provide solutions that enhance and satisfy the latest trends in the kitchen industry.

Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd is a trusted ISO 9001 certified company & our products are internationally certified to the highest standards in the Kitchen industry. We have earned this recognition by adopting modern practices, environmentally friendly products, non-toxic glues and varnishes and other ecology friendly materials as a result of which we manufacture a product that is completely recyclable. Every kitchen fitted with high-quality Blum fitments comes with a Life-time warranty. This warranty confirms that in the unlikely event of any defects occurring during the normal usage of the products, Meine Küche will offer complete support to you and free substitution of these parts.


To Provide World class kitchen solutions which instills a sense of pride and delight to all concerned.


Trustworthy, Organization before Self and Continuous Improvement


The grey rectangle represents your home, your life with all its uncertainties, hope and despair. Nestled in the south east corner is the rectangle in red, the colour of energy, passion and action. This represents your kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, south east corner is the ideal location for kitchens. Red is the colour of blood and fire; it is associated with love, sensitivity, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigour, willpower, vibrancy, radiance, and determination. The type face is in black, the colour of strength and solidity.

Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd dwells in the realm of space that is the nucleus of very household “Your Kitchen” and sees it as an idea. The faces behind that creation are the ones that add “Your Space”. Brand Meine Küche promises that idea of “Your Kitchen Your Space”.

The brand and the people story behind it appreciates, preserves and imbibe craftsmanship & technology that empowers. It’s a story that is informational and adds life to living!


To SHARE together in times of joy
To resolves harder in times of CHALLENGES AND PAIN
To see one’s dream fulfilled with the success of the organization”.

Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way. ‘Meine Küche’ has a team which works towards a single goal of delighting the customers by providing world class kitchen solutions that match their requirements and style. The team comprises of talented and bright Designers, Technicians, Marketing & Sales, HR, Accounts, Purchase and Business Process Development departments.
Together we work towards delighting you by providing ‘Your kitchen, your Space’.

Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd GLOBAL PARTNERS

Meine Kuche strives to have it’s presence felt globally. Meine Kuche has been actively involved in sharing of knowledge and ideas with our partners around the globe.

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