MkFacilities Management is a leading facilities management & housekeeping services provider in Pune.
With 15+ Years of experience, it was founded in 2016by Mr. Ganesh Kolamkar.
He has rich experiences in handling bigger projects, where not only he maintained the harmony in the team but also kept his clients more than satisfied.
We have hardcore experience and proven credentials in providing our services to many Residential Societies, Industrial Companies & Corporate industries also.
Since the beginning, we have always been focused on maintaining the high-quality standards of our cleaning & housekeeping services.
It has helped us in retaining our clients as well as in acquiring the new ones.
We are glad to inform our visitors, that MKFacilities Management is a name to reckon with and is highly respected in the facility management service industry.
We owe our success to our hard working team and our gracious clients equally, and we promise to keep on delivering the quality work in the times to come.

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