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Opal is a white-colored translucent semi-precious gemstone. This silicate family member mineral is known for its wonderful play of iridescent colors. Opal is the national gem of Australia.

It is an economical substitute for precious Diamond. Navratan is renowned for fetching success, status, sound health, and matrimonial harmony.

 Ruled by the planet of love, Venus, Navratan is the birthstone for Zodiac sign Libra and is considered highly auspicious for the people born in the month of October.

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In the wide gemstone arena, it is deliberated as the most colorful gemstone. Arising in a number of colors like red, yellow, green, slate, blue, and purple, Navratan gemstone is most common in white, pink, black, olive, grey, and brown shades.

Navratan is comparatively affordable than a Diamond and holds similar kinds of astrological benefits as a Diamond does. For those who believe in the mystical astrological benefits of a gemstone, Navratan can be a blessing for them.

It is a beneficial stone that is wrapped in the blanket of beauty and metaphysical properties that helps an individual to cope up with the tough situations of life.


According to Indian Vedic astrology, an opal gemstone blesses its wearer with a blissful matrimonial life and improved social status. This beautiful gemstone carries numerous mystical advantages on the mental, physical, social, and financial life of the wearer.

A blissful marriage

As per Hindu Vedas, the weak placement of the planet Venus in one’s horoscope can lead to disagreement and conflicts in the married life of the native.

It may sometimes turn into separation also. Milky Opal gemstone is worn to stimulate trust, love, commitment, harmony, and mutual understanding in a matrimonial life. It also helps couples to get rid of all the marital issues and achieve a marital bliss. For people who aren’t able to find their perfect partner, opal is thought to be helpful in finding a suitable match.

Navratan is the virtual subsidiary for our firm, the Gemstone Co.

Triumph in Creative Ventures

Since Navratan gemstone is aligned with the planet of creativity and innovations, Venus, it is considered highly beneficial for those people who are looking out for a career in the same industry.

A natural opal is also helpful to the individuals who are facing a lack of inspiration, creative blocks, and insecurities in their personal or professional life.

Besides spacing out the creative energies to gain better outputs, wearing a white opal also gives an extra push to the artistic expressions of the wearer.

Improve Social and Financial Status

The royal planet Venus represents luxuries and worldly longings and being the associated gemstone, opal is best known for improving the social and financial status of an individual.

Navratan is linked with Sahasrara Chakra that connects a person with prosperity and universal awareness. Astrologers strongly believe in an Opal rattan not only for elevating the financial conditions but also for maintaining the luxurious lifestyle and social status of the native.

  •    Betterment of Health and emotional stage

In medical syntax, white opal is considered highly valuable on the account of its metaphysical properties. Best known for curing eye, liver, kidney, stomach, and hormonal disorders, Navratan is beneficial in healing urinary, endocrine, and intestine problems and endows an excellent immune system.

Being one of the best healers, black and fire opal helps its wearers to overcome emotional setbacks or sufferings caused by past relationships. It also benefits Insomnia and assists to resolve psychological issues and get a peaceful sleep.

Kashmir Blue Sapphire or Kashmiri Neelam is the most desired assortment of Blue Sapphire gemstone all around the world. Sapphires are found globally but Kashmir Sapphires are exclusively found in the Kashmir region only.

Besides the mesmerizing color and silky fine texture, the immense rarity of Kashmir Blue Sapphire has further increased its popularity worldwide. Cornflower blue and Royal Blue Sapphires are some of the highly-priced varieties of Kashmir Sapphire.

 During the 18th century, this highly precious gemstone was sourced from the Padar (Paddar) province of the southern sloped Zaskar range, near Sumjam of Jammu & Kashmir, which is the northernmost state of India.

However, in the early 19th century these Kashmir mines got almost depleted because of the excessive mining and since that time, Kashmiri Blue Sapphire stone gained the brand status of the rarest and sought-after gemstone in the whole precious gems arena.

The mining season from 1882 to 1887 was stated as ‘The peak glorious years’ for Kashmir Sapphires. During the years 1887 to 1889, the mining activities slowed down substantially, and in a little while, the Kashmir mines were declared drained out.

In the meantime, these mines were sanctioned to different organizations on the lease, but unfortunately, the results were quite disappointing.

The old Blue Sapphire mines of Kashmir got depleted completely till the year 1905 and for the last 30 years, there is no official purchase of Kashmir Sapphire rough is noted from this origin at a commercial level.

 Kashmir Blue Sapphire is such a prestigious and popular gem that every gemstone lover must have heard & desired of this premium variety of blue sapphire throughout his or her lifetime.

It is often addressed by the name of Jammu Neelam Stone and Cashmere Sapphire by the local merchants or dealers.

Benefits of wearing Kashmir Blue Sapphire:

Representing the karmic planet ‘Shani’ (Saturn), Blue Sapphire is highly recommended for natives undergoing the tough phase of ‘Sade Sati Dasha’. According to sacred Vedas, Saturn is known for its steady and disciplined motion and henceforth in the Indian Vedic astrology, a natural Kashmiri Neelam holds a vital room as it is regarded as the most effective gem for calming Saturn.

 Kashmir Blue Sapphire is recommended to wear with utmost caution. This fast-acting gemstone comes with strong metaphysical properties that cure bones, mind & sensory ailments. Along with promoting professional growth, opting Kashmiri Neelam blesses the owner with high popularity & good health. By reorienting discipline & patience, it helps the wearers to stay more determined, focused, and progressive towards their life goals.

Kashmir blue sapphire demand and price

Being excessively popular due to its ‘true’ brilliant blue hue and extremely velvety texture, the limited pieces of Kashmir Blue Sapphire always capture unlimited demand among serious gemstone collectors, investors, and in the global gemstone market.

A spotless and rich blue colored Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire possesses a legendary reputation and is considered a top-quality gem in the sapphire league. Royal Blue Sapphire comes next in the race. Remarkably, even a pale blue sapphire fetches an unexpectedly significant amount just because of being from the Kashmir origin.

Kashmir Sapphires are not only highly valuable but are extremely rich with a wide range of profound qualities in their cut, color, and clarity. As there are no new sapphires coming from the Kashmir mines, the availability of Kashmir Sapphires is quite limited and hence it is not easy to find an original Kashmir Sapphire nowadays.

Kashmir Blue Sapphire starts at a price of around $750 and goes up to $60,000 per carat. The best quality of this precious stone grips no upper limit. In auctions, a Kashmir blue sapphire often hits a price of above $150,000 per carat.

You can easily buy a Kashmiri Blue Sapphire online from Navratan along with an additional authenticity certificate from a renowned gem testing agency for instance GIA, GII, IGI, Gubelin, or from any other international laboratory.

Royal Blue Sapphire

Royal Blue Sapphire is one of the highest demanded varieties of blue sapphires worldwide. The exclusive quality of Royal Blue Sapphire lies within its unique color.

Another popular range of Royal Blue Sapphire is Royal Blue Star Sapphire (non-faceted and polished) which comes in a cabochon cut with microscopic needle-like inclusions known as ‘Silk’, which when settled in a definite direction of reflective light, creates a star-like effect called ‘Asterism’.

The cut and color variation of Royal Blue Sapphire

The natural Royal Blue Sapphire is regarded as an ideal choice for astrological as well as jewelry practices. The best variant of Royal blue sapphire gemstone exhibits a rich blue color texture. At times, it also encloses a slight purple tint within, which is quite conventional.

However, when the stone reduces its transparency and the color consistency becomes excessively dark or overly greyish-blue, then it gets parks into the category of Midnight blue Sapphire.

Together with the perfect color, a balanced cut and virtuous polish are required to optimize the natural beauty of a Royal Blue Sapphire gemstone. Some of the most commonly preferred cutting styles in Royal Blue Sapphire are cushion cut, oval cut, round cut, emerald cut, and octagonal cut.

Origin of Royal Blue Sapphire

Royal Blue Sapphire is not named after its origin, instead, it is known for its tremendous color tone i.e., Royal blue hue. As Navratan is the virtual subsidiary for our firm, the Gemstone Co. from the Kashmir region always hold a special status among gem lovers; Royal blue Kashmir Sapphires are considered superior.

This top-quality Navratan Sapphire accomplishes an ample set of color criteria comprising moderate deep blue pigment to sturdy dark blue saturation, with an excellent transparency, vivid saturation, and no treatment.

           The Royal Blue Burma (Myanmar) Navratan Sapphires are inclusion free and are rarely found, hence, considered the next-best choice after Kashmir Navratan sapphires. Next Navratan comes the limited amount of Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Royal Blue Sapphires, which is followed by Madagascar and Australian Sapphires. In recent times, Africa has also emerged out as a leading supplier of Royal blue Navratan sapphires.

Down to its extreme rarity, Kashmir Royal blue sapphires cost the highest. Starting from $ 25k approx. it goes up to $ 80k and even above. The availability of upper-quality Royal Blue Burma Sapphires is also less, therefore, their price exceeds all other varieties of royal blue sapphire including Sri Lanka’s Royal blue sapphires.

Panjshir Emerald

Panjshir or Afghan Emeralds are one of the most finest varieties of emerald Navratan gemstone. Found in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, these precious gemstones are extremely popular for their strikingly beautiful bluish-green hue.

The existence of Navratan emeralds in the Afghanistan Panjshir valley was traced approximately thousands of years ago. The mining zone of Panjshir is located around 115 kilometers northeast of the capital city Kabul.

In the past 400 years, around 180 emerald mines of Afghanistan have provided tremendously superior quality emeralds to the whole world. The best quality Navratan Panjshir emeralds are sourced from the Khenj mines of Milzeni and the Darlzhenj region of Afghanistan.

Among others, there are Mikeni, Bakhi, Butak, Buzmal, and Barun mines in Afghanistan that produce a decent quality of Panjshir gemstone. At present, only a few Afghan mines are operational for mining purposes.

Known for bearing an exceptional transparency and perfectly balanced bluish-green hue, Panjshir emeralds are also termed as ‘Panjshir valley emeralds’. These superlative green gemstones are named after Panjshir Province, which holds an interesting history behind it. This region is called ‘Panjsher’, translated as ‘five lions’, to give tribute to the five spiritual brothers who believed to live here.