About 24 Hour Online Plumber Services in Bangalore 

Are you fed up with clogged sinks, blocked kitchen basins, running toilets, jammed shower jets, wet bathrooms, leaking taps, water mixer issues, and irritating “tip-tip” sound coming out from your bathroom?

Then stop worrying about 24 Hour Plumber Services in Bangalore you are at the best platform, “Prism Lead India“.

We are here to provide you with the solutions to all of your 24 Hour Online Plumber Services in Bangalore problems.

A good-looking and proper Vastu-oriented house reflects your personality, and it won’t let you ignore having a well maintained and hygienic kitchen and bathroom.

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For that we provide best 24 Hour plumbers near your locality at affordable price.

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What We Provide

Water tank cleaning and maintenance

Water tank installation and plumbing requirements in it.

Complete home water supply maintenance and repair

Toiletry issues, such as

               – running toilets

               – toilet flush repair/installation

               – clogged toilets and waterjets

               – complete replacement of toilet seats(both western and Indian style)

                – leakage and overflow of the flush tank

Sink cleaning and repair

Kitchen basin and tap repair/installation

Shower jet leakage repair

Complete drain cleaning

Geyser installation/repair

Hot water mixer installation/repair.

We provide trusted, experienced and well-equipped professionals best suited for your 24 Hour Online plumbing requirements.

They are 24 Hour plumber services in Bangalore trained and expert in reading the supply and distribution line circuit and catching the fault in it.

They have good techniques like air pressure and water pressure gauge to detect leakage.

They can easily fix, repair and change faulty parts.

Our professionals are also experts in the 24 Hour Online Plumber Services in Bangalore like proper sealing of bents, joints, threads and end caps with proper adhesives, thread sealing gums and Teflon tapes(PTFE).

The team has a wide experience of reading and sketching layouts, technical diagrams, measuring, aligning, cutting, bending, threading and joining pipes using advanced hand tools them.

            We also provide 24 Hour Online Plumber Services in Bangalore for hard water filters, drinking water(water purifier) 24 Hour Online plumbing services in Bangalore, hot water backflow fixing, water hammer problems, joint leaking, heat sealing of pipes and shifting of pipelines, and repairing and maintenance of it at domestic, commercial and industrial levels.

Our 24 Hour online Plumber provides Plumber Services in Bangalore like maintenance services for your entire house/industry pipelines and storage tanks, which includes cleaning of the tank, repair and maintenance of rooftop cistern and underground storage tank, fungal removal from tank walls(if any), rust removal, repair of tank self-filling system and replacement of damaged parts.

You can also avail free suggestions for the best material and brand available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of service?

Ans: They provide the best 24 Hour online plumber services in Bangalore at a very low cost. Coasting depends upon your requirement and works size.

For more information please contact us at +91-9739744240

Q: Is it safe to call plumbers at home during these COVID-19 situations?

Ans: They are, as professionals, are following all the government guidelines. We always assure you whether our they are following COVID-19 protocols before visiting your house. They are well sanitized and will wear masks.

Q: Is there any extra charge for the service provided?

Ans: There is no such extra charge. Spare parts are chargeable(if you want us to procure the material) at the market price. Bills will be provided for the same. You can also procure the material on your own.

Q: Why have my water bills increased recently?

Ans: I am sad to hear this. There could be a few reasons for your increased bills.

Check whether your toilet is leaking.

Check out all the taps, whether they are leaking.

Make sure that the water level in your tank is proper and it is not overflowing in the overflow pipeline.

Check out your displacement water meter(PD meter) for faulty PD meters.

There are several hidden reasons, to cure those, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +91-9739744240