Pranav Constructions Private Limited

Pranav Constructions Private Limited is a Mumbai-based real estate development company with more than a decade of experience in the domain. During this time, PCPL has grown from a small, relatively unknown firm handling a single project at a time to a reputed company capable of running multiple large projects simultaneously. Since its inception, PCPL has developed and delivered more than 3,00,000 square feet of high-quality commercial and residential space to highly satisfied customers, all on schedule and at fair and competitive prices. PCPL is a pioneer in the space of affordable luxury homes for middle-income consumers.

We are unique in our focus on redevelopment as well as the value we place on our internal work culture and our relationships with our customers. All our dealings are conducted with complete honesty and transparency, with the understanding that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and that our work is only the first but crucial step in creating a house that will become a home.

Mission & Vision


To keep all stakeholders happy, provide high-quality redevelopment services, and deliver every project before time.


To become a market-leading provider of high-quality housing redevelopment services for the middle class.

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