Raffles Design International

Raffles Design International has grown to be one of the top design colleges in Mumbai, India, and has expanded its horizons, operating in 19 colleges based in 18 cities across 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the global phenomenon and the exposure to international knowledge that adds to the experience of true education at Raffles. Raffles Design International is proud to be amongst the best design institutes in India by highlighting the change they have brought to the lives of 24,000 students who enrolled themselves in Raffles Education Corp’s tertiary programmes, benefitting from a quality education standard and visionary mindset that provides graduates with a well-rounded hands-on experience relevant to the industry, and prepares them to be the best in their field.

Within Raffles Design International’s well-crafted facilities, students will gain exposure within international creative and business environments along with hands-on practical experience, preparing them for their future careers. Students can transfer or further their studies if they wish at any of the schools or universities which have an articulation agreement with Raffles Design International. The entire school network follows the same academic calendar, ensuring no study time is lost during the transfer while all prior subjects successfully completed will be recognized.

The medium of instruction is English and the curriculum is on par with international standards. As a part of their design training, the students perform internships at respectable companies; the companies themselves hire students from the top designing colleges. The students will also be able to develop a substantial work portfolio for themselves that will help them in building their careers.

Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE) is responsible to its students for the quality and standards of the academic provision, and the relevant Quality Frameworks incorporate all the main features of quality and standards management for study at levels 4, 5 and 6. The study is at Raffles Design International India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (“RDI”).

Raffles Design International possesses an international workforce, creating a multi-professional background which brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the courses. Within the facilities, students will gain exposure to international creative and business environments, along with hands-on practical experience, including placement opportunities with the finest names in the industry.

As one of the top design colleges in Mumbai, Raffles Design International has the intention to foster exceptional designers is an initiative that the institute believes in, thereby leading the students towards their career paths within the industry. Raffles Design International prepares the students with the professional skills they require along with the necessary knowledge at hand, providing them with optimum resources to support their potential as they progress along their careers. Our Centre of Professional Development (CPD) provides a seamless interface between industry and the students, making Raffles Design International one of the best design institutes india.

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