Rakchamps Chartered Accountants

RAKCHAMPS is a vision transformed into reality by a group of highly experienced and dynamic Chartered Accountants. On offer is high end expertise in Auditing, Consulting outsourcing and Business advisory services. The firm based out of Mumbai has a robust network of offices across all the major cities in India.

A commitment that is deep rooted in the ethos of the firm, RAKCHAMPS believes in giving best professional services to its clients.


Income tax Act, 1961 governs the matters related to Income Tax in India and requires compliances from the assesses.

Permanent Account Number (PAN), Tax Account Number (TAN)
Registration u/s 12A, 80G, 35AC (Trust, Societies, Sec 8 Companies)
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Every company (Private/Public Limited) is required to get their accounts audited as per the Companies Act, 2013.

Special audits designed as per management need and defined scope of audit.
Internal audit, System & management audit. Such assignment may also include
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Indian corporate entities are being governed by Companies Act, 2013. There are primarily Private Limited

Suggesting appropriate form of legal entity (Private Limited, Public Limited, U/s 25 Companies, Government Companies, Subsidiaries Companies)
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Selecting a most appropriate business format for your business is very crucial and important part and it needs to be planned carefully

Advisory on Market Entry Strategy
Advise on appropriate legal structure
Set up legal entities & Business Registrations

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