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RealtyNXT is a prominent source for reliable information, trending news and latest developments revolving around the real estate industry.

The voice that represents the digital transformation of the real estate sector, RealtyNXT was founded in June 2019 with the sole intention to deliver exclusively curated content for the real estate ecosystem.

Ever since its inception, RealtyNXT has been engaging with real estate developers, marketers, agents and homebuyers with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from important regulations to property reviews.

We believe that the digital transformation of the real estate sector is crucial and extensively focusses on the proptech boom. Having won the best real estate blogger of the year award, RealtyNXT strives to achieve more milestones with striking content in the future.

Kritika Rawat is a CEO and a Co-Founder of RealtyNXT, hailing from Mumbai, India. The platform acts as a voice that represents the technological transformation of the real estate sector and is a source for real estate trends.

What started off as a personal struggle to find the right home, turned into a business boosted with the help of technology. Read about her journey and why we need to have a mind like a child when going into tech.



In our case, technology plays a vital role in the content front and not just in the news articles and informative articles that we provide. We also help our clients reach their targeted audience by providing high-quality content for their campaigns.

Also, in a unique content format, we create insightful property reviews, do researched-based content marketing and so on. We also provide technology solutions like drone mapping, virtual tour of real estate projects and 360-degree location AVs.

We have done limited work in these areas but we are growing strong to reach out to more clients in the future. We want to reach out to those real estate clients who appreciate high-quality content playing a pivotal role in it.

Where did your professional journey start and how did you get to where you are now?

RealtyNXT is now in its third year run. However, it took me almost 2 years to make sure that my bootstrapped startup could stand on its own feet so that I could start dedicating all my time to this endeavor.

In November 2016, when RealtyNXT came into being, I had already been working in the field of media for 9 years. I was simultaneously trying to build it up with the help of friends and family.

My professional media journey started in movie marketing and as a digital content creator. My first love will always be movies, but real estate happened to me out of sheer interest and curiosity.

The idea originated from my own struggle in Mumbai being a girl trying to find the right home to buy or rent. There were search portals but I felt quality content around realty projects was not available.

Thus, that gave me an opportunity to focus on creating quality content for developers to make sure that it reaches their customers in a way that other search portals aren’t able to.

From then to now with the help of technology and adapting to digital transformations, RealtyNXT has become the leading content creator in the realty segment in India. Engaging and reaching to 50,000+ readers every month. Delivering multiple content-based solutions to our clients.

In 2017, we started putting a lot impetus on PropTech companies. We tried to get their stories out in most innovative ways celebrating their start, their success and by now we can take pride in saying that we have helped these startups felicitate 55+ B2B transactions.

Thus in a way for a lot of clients, we have become a one-stop shop to converse regarding anything in PropTech. Since PropTech is still in nascent stages In India, we felt there was a need to engage with the real estate fraternity and give them regular doses of technology every day.

What is the greatest transformation in technology you’ve witnessed in your career?

I would say in the digital space especially when it comes to the real estate market. There are so many great PropTech companies which are now entering and providing amazing technological solutions which not only help the customers but will also help the developers in long run.

Few of the developers have opened up to such solutions. But I am hoping soon that the Indian real estate market will adapt these technologies in a large scope manner.

We always hear there are not enough women working in tech. What needs to happen to change that?

I believe that’s changing. In India, I have interacted with a few PropTech companies where women are leading and providing technology solutions. Apart from that, India has so many amazing women coders and digital marketing experts in every field be it real estate, movies or MNCs.

What skills do you need for a career in tech (aside from the actual tech skills)?

I would say rather having any particular skill, it’s about having the right attitude. We need to have a mind like a child to be able to absorb and learn new information without any hesitance. It’s very important. No matter how much we think that we know the best in a particular subject, it’s never true. So, we have to keep learning and keep evolving with time.

What and who were the influencers of who you are today?

I have always been a self-starter, and now I am looking for a good mentor in my life. But I do look up to N.R. Narayana Murthy and Ratan Tata. As entrepreneurs both had an incredible and inspiring journey.

What would be your message/advice to women trying to get into technology?

Not to think twice! This is the right time to invest your time and build a career around technology.

What is your daily stress buster after a long hectic work day?

I am fond of playing interactive and realistic action games. That’s my go-to stressbuster! I give it half an hour every day after my work. Apart from that, on weekends I try to take time out for my painting and reading non-fiction books.

The platform acts as a voice that represents the technological transformation of the real estate sector and is a source for real estate trends. What started off as a personal struggle to find the right home, turned into a business boosted with the help of technology.

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