Rokoko is a style of architecture and decoration characterized by elaborate, graceful and fluid designs. It ushered a detailed and ornamental style of décor and furniture. Taking inspiration from this intricate craft, we blend the grace and detailing with modern technology through Rokoko. We are the online interior decorators who curate culturally unique designs to reflect your sensibilities and aesthetics. Our experienced interior design consultants guide you throughout the designing process right from home floor plan designing to 3D designs…from redecorating your room to finalizing the most suitable furniture based on your redesign.

Whether you want to design your new home, or redesign your existing home, with Rokoko, you get the full package – an online interior decorator, the best interior design consultants along with home floor plan designers – all at your fingertips. We value your ideas and use them as the starting point when creating redesign plans. Do you like a quirky touch of décor, or one section of wall with a bold dash of colour, or the wind chime tinkling in the breeze is your notion of soothing music? No problem at all, these will be thoughtfully incorporated into the designing process by your Online Interior Decorator at Rokoko. Is yours a commercial space? Well, we have the best office interior designers on our team to help you with your office designing too! They will provide expert consultation on the type of furniture, décor and any other tips that will help you breeze though the designing process.

At Rokoko, you’ve come home to your redesign!

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