SAHARA SECURITY SERVICES – an operations management firm which has been providing the services since 1999 we are in total facility services to meet the evolving demands of our customers. We have a strong team of experienced and trained personnel for accomplishing integrated services. We provide customized solutions; value added services, technological capabilities, continuous training, and emergency backup and new stance to strive towards corporate services. SSS is an innovative knowledge management company which has recently specialized in the facilitating every single need of the organizations.

Experience, Competence and Quality are the three elements that we embody our employees with. We offer talented staff to fill your validation, compliance, and technical services needs. We provide you with expertise that fits your specific requirements. Our team works under your supervision assuring that your goals are achieved successfully. With a wide range of service portfolio, SSS is a name offering innovative and up to-date facilities. SSS has been a professional service provider for clients from diverse fields.

Our State-of-The-Art-Training center continuously makes efforts to improve the methodology to upgrade our services. The ideas and concepts resulting from our efforts and experience are being put to use productively to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

We introduce ourselves, the Sahara facilities management provider under the leadership of Mr. D Srikanth. We are providing around 1500 employment.

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