Saviesa – Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Beds and Home Designs

Our Logo is a stylized and graphic Carpenter’s Plane.

It represents our business, and it symbolizes the three qualities we live by

The Integrity of the Master Craftsman
The Tailored Approach of the Master Craftsman
The Perfectionism of the Master Craftsman

Crafting your home.

This is our promise and our commitment to our customers. Each word of our promise has meaning.

By ‘Crafting’ we mean that we bring together every element of our need discovery process, our design process, our manufacture and our installation with a craftsman’s dedication to detail and perfection.

We use the word ‘Your’ to convey our complete commitment to bringing the customer’s specific and distinctive dreams and aspirations to life – through understanding their particular needs and desires.

And we use the word ‘Home’ to communicate our understanding, that our customer has entrusted us with that most important task – converting a house into a home. Our customer’s dream home.


Saviesa has been founded by the pioneers of modular kitchens in India. These highly customer–focused experts, the founding Saviesa, with their knowledge, insights and expertise, gained in the field over two decades, bring you world-standard modular kitchens.


An engineering graduate from Pune Engineering College, Thakur Ahuja entered the field of marketing and gained tremendous amount of knowledge in the 15 years that followed. Climbing up the corporate hierarchy, he had a successful tenure.

Thakur Ahuja has an added experience of finance and administration. This makes him a multi-skilled professional with a good understanding of two of the most important fields to benefit any corporate entity- finance and marketing.


Our team consists of experts in every required field – materials, machining, designing, ergonomics, culinary sciences, quality control. Our team embodies the Saviesa ethos – each of them finds professional satisfaction in your satisfaction.

Manufacturing is the weakest link – or is even non-existent – for most brands in the modular kitchen category in India. Not for us though! For Saviesa it is one of the strongest links!

Our manufacturing facilities occupy a place of pride in our end-to-end value delivery.

Our precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control, using materials that passstringent tests, ensure that you get kitchens that deliver value and remain good-looking for years to come.

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