SFS Facility Services contractual service provider for the Trusted Cleaning

Our Best Cleaning Services And Our Continued Commitment To You. Customers have greeted the trusted cleaning professionals from narrowly possessed and operated First Choice 

Home Services contract based service provider profession into their homes. Now with greater reason, we want to reassure you that our teams strictly adhere to CDC guidelines. Our cleaning plan of action is designed to help create a healthier environment for you and your family. We’ve provided cleaning services to over a thousand plus consumers and want you to know that you could proceed with relying on us to go above and beyond to provide you with a care-free, first-class cleaning service constantly.

SFS Facility Services attend to homes and those in them is what we do best. We are absolutely certain a healthy home is a clean home!

SFS Facility Services
SFS Facility Services

SFS Facility Services PROVEN PROCESS:

Clean and Sanitise – Additionally our standard cleaning execution of dusting, vacuuming and scouring, our professional team will also sanitise light switches, doorknobs, telephones, bathroom surfaces, and other currently touched areas.

Professional Staff – Our domestic Housekeepers are enormously trained to clean every room in your home based on your specific needs, delivering the professional clean that you expect from us.

24-Hour Warranty – If you’re ever disappointed with any aspect of our services, just give us a call within 24 hours and we’ll work with you to find an answer to the Problem.

Contracts – When you choose SFS Facility Services, you can hold in high regard the fact that contracts are only an option. Our trained Home cleaners are only as good as our latest cleaning service.


The cost of your Home cleaning in the long run fluctuates, including the number of rooms, square footage and the type of service you choose. For the most well aimed cleaning roughly calculated, we are confident more about your Home cleaning needs. Contact SFS Facility Services Contract based service provider who gives you suggestions for a free estimate.

How to Clean a Home Professionally?

SFS Facility Services Contractual service provider knows how good it feels to come home to a clean Home. We want you to contact that feeling every day. We’ve organised our home cleaning tips by room (because our professionals are really into organising things). If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check out our home cleaning service.

Following are the three steps for keep you Home sparkling :

Using best quality cleaning supplies: First, make sure you have the proper cleaning supplies. Using the best tools can really make a change in your cleaning process. Learn about the unique tools needed to clean each room of your home in the cleaning tips pages below.

Clean many times: Be sure to clean oftenly, even if it is a quick clean. Follow the rules for each part of the Home to learn how often you should be clean. By cleaning more frequently, you will avoid having to scrub smut and mire that can build up over Time.

Hire an expert: If you find yourself running out of time to get everything as clean as you want it, hire an expert cleaning service to get the job done. Contact your best service provider to SFS Facility Services. We are ready to discuss a cleaning plan that is best for you.

About Your Home Cleaning Services

When you hire someone to clean your home, you want to know exactly what the service takes in. When SFS Facility Services Contract based service providers ensue, Our professional uniformed cleaning experts will carefully and respectfully clean your home.

We’ll never put the things in the wastage or move anything without asking you first. If you would like, we’ll use your favourite cleaning products. Otherwise, they bring all our usual secret-weapon cleaning supplies. They can clean your home while you’re there or even while you’re away at work.

What do we clean?

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Offices
  • Kids’ Rooms
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing

 And more – custom cleaning plans are available! Our cleaning process in every room starts with admixture and ledges like, photo frames, bookshelves and decorations products. Then we use an adaptable cleaner or sanitising spray to wipe down all countertops and surfaces, including baseboards, window sills and other features. Everytime we look after not to damage sensitive surfaces such as wood and stoneware. 

Lastly, we clean the floors in each room by vacuuming or sweeping and mopping. Contact your SFS Facility Services Contract based service provider to discuss a cleaning plan that suits your needs.

Through The Spring Cleaning Household Items Put into action a few of these shortcuts to make your spring cleaning – and your everyday cleaning – much easier. Dusting is important work, but you’ll have to save time and need to dust less often if you:

Always change the air filter in your incinerator. It will trap dust for you. Using dryer sheets, even used ones, as dusting cloths for window blinds and sidewalls. They leave a trace of elastomeric fabric softener that repels dust and leaves a nice smell.

Anti static can also be placed inside your incinerator/AC registers to trap dust while keeping your Home gets a sniff of freshness. Bristle dusting cloths are superior to paper towels and other cleaning cloths.

You’ll also use less cleaning solution with them, which helps your cleaning supplies last Longer. If your sterilisation plan extends to cleaning your vehicles, you’ll find that placing one or two pieces of activated charcoal in the process of the seats will eliminate odours.

Does your wastage smell funky? Try cleaning the splash guard. After making sure the getting rid of is turned off, use a disinfectant-dipped cloth to wipe the top and bottom of the black, rubber ring in your sink.



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