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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to check us out. is a place for employer to search for a maid via our large-scale database from anywhere on the web. All maids’ bio data are solely provided by our company with photo and ensure proof of identity. Standard Maids are committed to Total Quality Service, where our workforce is really counted and highly appreciated due to their efficiency, experience and skill.

Everyone expects the best job along with best possible price, and that’s exactly what we would want to offer our clients along with ethical business and employment practices to keep our staff happy and wanting to work for us, while paying them a fair wage. Our customers will be supported in all the ways from our back end executives during official working hours.

With over 16 years of experience in maid services, we are now focusing in providing maids’ database services and maid services. We have a unique search engine that makes searching much easier. Our database system can also be integrated with any website.

Standard Maids In India the role of a Housemaid is as vital as that of any other house old member, since the Housemaid has to co-ordinate between the different family members young and old, the level of interactions and movements should obviously be of very high standards, and finding a suitable Housemaid of that level is not an easy task considering these aspects and taking into account the fact that a housemaid in India is not a luxury but a necessity, the portal has been developed very meticulously for maids in India.

Standard Maids The portal is totally informative and displays a huge database of housemaids legally registered under Government recognized company under the act 1956. The portal is technically supported by the online searching of a housemaid a pleasurable experience for the employer.

Therefore any suggestions, comments or design changes you think would enhance our service please let us know and your feedback will be much appreciated.

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