Tattva Spa

Tattva Spa
Tattva Spa

In Bangalore, aspires to strike a perfect balance between work and life with a wide range of wellness therapies.

It is the ultimate destination for those who find it difficult to unwind with great ambience, quality service and helpful therapists that guide you in choosing the perfect massage or spa treatment.

The therapies offered at our spas are designed based on their ability to manage stress, migraines, back pain and several mental or physical problems along with a luxurious experience.

Starting with a warm foot soak, followed by a massage of your choice and wrapping it up with a soothing cup of tea makes it the ideal spa.

About Tattva Spa

For the longest time, our understanding of the Summer Solstice (and Winter Solstice too) had been limited to the basic astronomical phenomenon.

Simply speaking, on June 21st, the Sun travels the longest path through the sky, and that day therefore has the most daylight – Summer solstice.

The importance of these key annual events for the human bodies has been a revelation. We love to reason and rationalize and not blindly believe the traditions.

A chance hearing of ‘Uttarayan’ & ‘Dakshinayan’ at a religious discourse which we were unusually a part of, led to reading and research on the topic.

So how do the Solstices impact our wellbeing?

Traditional Hinduism believes that Uttarayan (winter solstice) is the beginning of the auspicious days and the next six months are for ‘enlightenment’ & all things good. Dakshinayan (summer solstice) is on the other hand the beginning of in-auspicious days and it is advised to be focused on ‘purification’.

While ‘auspicious’ & ‘inauspicious’ are terms that have long been used to simplify complex subjects for the masses and get them to follow what is generally believed to be good for the human bodies & human minds.

According to the Puranas, Dakshinayana marks the period when the Gods and Goddesses are in their celestial sleep but we do not understand the implication on our daily lives hence we let this just be.

Uttarayan or summer winter solstice is the harbinger of longer sunny days and shorter nights. The sun being the powerhouse of energy and symbol of fertility, nourishes our lands through the next 6 months adding prosperity.

Apart from scorching us with the heat, the sun pretty much takes care of reducing traditional diseases and discomforts.

‘Dakshinayan’ (Summer Solstice) on the other hand is the beginning of the onset of the monsoon followed by autumn and winter seasons which see more springing up of traditional diseases and bodily discomforts.

Ofcourse, the modern lifestyles and living conditions have moderated the impact these changes of seasons are supposed to have on the human body. Nonetheless, our bodies and moods (Shareer aur Chitt) are still connected with nature and if we deeply observe, we can see the changes.

Take a day off and head to the nearest Tattva Spa near you. Rest assured, you’ll be walking out as good as new from this one.

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