Tesor Home Decor

About Tesor Home Decor
Find treasures for your home
Tesor Home Decor is derived from the Italian word Tesoro, meaning Treasure

Tesor Home Decor believe our homes are where the treasures of our life unfolds. The awe of watching our home transform with a simple piece of decor. Where smiles of joy with our family, squeals of delight and quite moments of calm are made possible by the treasures you bring home from Tesor.

Choices, choices
We asked ourselves – is it possible to provide a carefully created set of products for anything related to home, without compromising on quality, variety and budget? do you have enough products to choose from? do you have something new to discover every time you visit Tesor? And that is, very simply, the thought behind Tesor.

We want to have beautiful products for the days when you need a pop of colour, for days when you need to beat the blues, for days of celebrations and for days of quiet contemplation. And for the days when you just need a dose of pretty and window shopping is the remedy.

We also understand that our home decorating style is never static. It continues to evolve with us, as an extension of our life experiences. Where we travel, who we meet, how we feel and what we aspire to be, all of these have a role to play in our decor choices. And so, we scoured our country high & low, the length and breadth of it, to locate & bring products worthy of a place in your home. We’ve found products that are timeless & classic. We’ve also found newer interpretations, modern versions of Indian arts. Whatever your style of decor – contemporary, eclectic, minimal, classic or a little bit of everything – we will always have a treasure in store for you.

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