Total Termite And Pest Control

Total Termite And Pest Control is a vital part of home value and your home is your most valuable asset. With proper maintenance, your home can serve many lifetimes, from your own kids to your grandchildren and beyond.

Just as you would never allow a failing foundation or leaking roof to threaten the safety or quality of your home, you should never allow pests and termites to thrive unchecked at your home’s expense.

Adopting a Total Total Termite And Pest Control strategy will help ensure the viability of your home for generations to come.

Total Termite And Pest Control

Although tiny in size, termites inflict a noticeable amount of damage on homes and businesses every year. Termites can do heaps of damage without being detected.

Termite Treatment

You have various treatment options for dealing with these annoying insects. We can help you find out which termite treatment works best for you and your property.

Termite Inspection

If you suspect that termites are infesting your home, don’t wait long to schedule a termite inspection. Call Total Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible so that you can stop further damage.

Friendly Solutions

Our termite extermination methods are both kid friendly and pet friendly. Never worry about termites again!

Life Cycle Of Termites

Like most other insects, Total Total Termite And Pest Control start out as eggs and progress through stages as a nymph and lastly an adult. This is an example of progressive metamorphosis where the young insect resembles the adult. Termites are special because they can turn into numerous forms of reproductive and non-reproductive adults. An understanding of the life cycle of termites can aid in their elimination and prevention.

Termite Swarmers

These winged reproductive termites (alates) are born dark in color and with 2 pairs of wings. In the spring, these termites leave their colonies at maturity and take flight searching for a mate to replicate. Swarmers can frequently be seen swarming, and this is the time they might emerge inside homes and buildings. Once they have actually mated, they arrive at the ground, shed their wings, and discover a place to start a brand-new colony either underground or above ground.

Termite Kings and Queens

The swarmers become kings (males) or queens (reproductive females) over their recently established colony. The fertilized queen lays eggs, which can be as many as a dozen.

After a couple of weeks, the eggs hatch into larvae that are pale and white. The larvae molt (shed skin) 3 times growing into a young nymph, older nymph, and finally among 3 castes (types): workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Queens are known to live for as long as a years and can reproduce throughout their lifetime.

Termite Workers

Workers do just as their name suggests, they work. They are the termites in the colony who are accountable for constructing tunnels and chambers, along with feeding and grooming other termites.

If the colony experiences a shortage of other caste types (e.g., soldiers or reproductives), workers can turn into what’s needed. Workers live for around one to 2 years.

This caste member is the one who does all of the damage; therefore, they are the most crucial ones to get rid of to stop infestations.

Termite Soldiers

Soldiers, as it’s simple to think, are accountable for safeguarding the colony. They can be differentiated from the other caste members by their yellow-brown color.

They likewise have a very large head and mandibles utilized to eliminate off predators. Due to the fact that they can’t feed themselves due to the plus size of their mandibles, they depend on worker termites.

Like workers, they usually live for one to two years but can become a worker or reproductive as the colony requires.

Total Termite And Pest Control can exist in a number of forms. While puzzling, it pays to know a little about their life cycle. Some insects are best gotten rid of by discovering their eggs. With termites, it’s best to discover and eliminate workers since they do the majority of the damage.

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars of property damage in the United States. You might be unaware that your home could be exposed to a termite infestation.

The termites may getting ready for an attack even if your home has not had termites in the past. You have various treatment options for dealing with these annoying insects. We can help you find out which termite treatment works best for you and your property. Total Termite & Pest Control has found the efficient termite treatment for homes and businesses over the years. Let us assist you today.

Liquid Termite Treatment

A liquid Total Termite And Pest Control is no doubt the most typical termite control method. Liquid termite treatments are the conventional treatment for subterranean termites.

This Total Termite And Pest Control is administered to an existing structure to hinder or address ongoing termite activity. This is a rather invasive treatment that involves treating all plumbing penetrations throughout the property.

We will also treat any cold joints and a perimeter surrounding the slab. If the foundation is pier and beam, it is necessary for every pier to be treated. For this type of termite treatment, we will put a barrier of liquid chemical. We have various products available to us and you can request for green options.

Termite Bait Systems

Setting up a termite bait system to secure your home from unwanted termite infestation is another option for termite control. Termite bait systems work by making food, which contain a slow-acting toxin, accessible to the termites.

The localized poison stations are considered safer and work directly on the termites without the need for commonly used pesticides. Termite baiting systems are efficient in completely eliminating nests as the termite workers are lured and poisoned over time.

There are other benefits to bait systems. Bait systems can be utilized to locate the main nest. This is performed by using non-lethal bait in numerous bait stations. By determining which bait stations pick up termite activity, our professional termite exterminators at Total Termite & Pest Control can often pinpoint the location of the nest. This lets us to conduct more active and direct measures, such as spreading pesticides to the nest itself.

Even if there are no termites in your home or building, installing bait systems can be a great preventative measure. Routine checks of a termite bait system can obtain early warning of a termite infestation.

If termite activity is found in earlier untouched bait stations, we have the chance to take urgent steps to prevent further spread of the infestation.

If termites are already an issue in your home or business, perfectly placed bait stations can prohibit them from spreading to other areas of the structure and lets you track any spread that does take place.

Total Termite And Pest Control baiting systems are a more reasonable means of termite control than traditional pesticide methods. While they do need greater periods to function efficiently, they’re safer, more adjustable, and provide much longer lasting protection from termites.

There is an abundance of different types of insects that like to eat wood and eventually destroy your home. These annoying pests are more than ready to dine on your prized possession from fungi and termites to carpenter bees and powder post beetles. If you suspect that termites or other wood damaging insects are infesting your home, don’t wait long to schedule a termite inspection. Call Total Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible so that you can halt further damage and take the crucial steps to eradicate the wood-loving insects by termite treatments and fix your home. Don’t let termites eat away at your investment. Restore your house with our termite inspection solutions.

Total Termite And Pest Control Inspection: What to Expect

Detecting indications of termite damage requires the trained eye of an expert termite inspector. Our professional termite inspectors know just what to search for and where to look when performing a household termite inspection.

They will look for signs of both subterranean and drywood termites, high and low. They will carefully examine all potentially infested areas and provide you a detailed summary of where they detected issues, along with suggestions for the best course of action.

Depending on the size and conditions, average termite or pest inspections take about 30 to 45 minutes for a comprehensive inspection. That’s the procedure you should expect, whether you plan to DIY your termite inspection or employ a professional pest control company.

At Total Termite & Pest Control, we have a team of skilled and licensed termite inspectors dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. We know that the method of identifying and eradicating termites from your home can feel tiring.

This is why our inspectors work with you just like you’re part of the family and work hard to make each termite inspection feel more convenient. They are here to answer your queries and guide you through every phase of the termite inspection in your home or property.

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