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In the last few decades, growing participation of women in office jobs has boosted the need for domestic workers Domestic Worker is the lifeline of the household. She is responsible for providing care to children, elderly, ailing, disabled, besides household maintenance, cooking, laundry, shopping while functioning as skilled and unskilled worker. But according to ILO they often face very low wages, excessively long hours, have no guaranteed weekly day of rest and at times are vulnerable to physical, mental and sexual abuse or restrictions on freedom of movement.

We believe we can empower these women, by imparting skill development, by educating them with the science behind hygiene maintenance, by helping them cope with the changing technological revolution. Only by uplifting the lowermost strata of the society can we bring about the futuristic change we desire.

We are driven towards bringing relief to women on two fronts- firstly by educating them about proper ethic and secondly by ensuring proper health check-ups for them and ensuring their security. Only when the domestic worker carries forth her duties faithfully, then can the other family members go out to their jobs relieved.

Keeping this in mind we have designed our flagship project- DWEEP- Domestic Worker Education and Enlightenment Program. We are also working on projects for training Child Care taker and Phulkari (Lady bodyguards)
Products & Services

We provide three kinds of training – Hard Competency, Soft Competency and Life Competency.
1-Hard Competency Train the domestic help to use Electric devices like Vacuum cleaner, clothing iron, toaster, grinder, etc.
Teach them about maintenance and cleaning of A.C, Fridge, Ovens.

2-Soft CompetencyIn Soft competency we teach the Soft skills that help the domestic worker improve on her general disposition, personality attitude, dressing sense, cordial behavior etc.

3-Life Competency In this the domestic worker is taught life enhancing values.
Developing a strong work-ethic.
Motivation and positive thinking attitude, that help them change their outlook on life

4-Road Map after Training Each trainee will be provided with a Kitchen kit and first-aid kit.
The list of all trainees will be recorded with the local police station against domestic violence.
Basic health checkup will be done for all the trainees bill
Each trainee will be provided with a certificate after completion of the course.

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