TV Repair And Services Marathahalli

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PLI(Prism Lead India) connects you with verified as well as trained professionals in TV Repair And Services Marathahalli. Therefore, you can rest assured about the service quality and relax while the TV repairing experts fix your TV. Based on your convenience and comfort, you can choose the slot for the service from the available slots. You can also book the TV Repair And Services Marathahalli a few days in advance. In case you need any help or have a query, you can reach out to customer support. You would get immediate assistance.

TV Repair And Services Marathahalli
TV Repair And Services Marathahalli

TV Repair And Services Marathahalli, Near Me

Prism Lead India is a Group of TV Repair And Services Marathahalli. We are providing a TV Repair and service mechanic near you in all top cities. A TV Repair A mechanic is located within 1KM. We are offering LED, and LCD Plasma TV Repair Services from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Haier, Philips, MI, Videocon, and many more. Our TV Repair Service Centre is authorized for all popular brands. If you are looking for a TV Repair And Services Marathahalli center near me in any location, we will provide the best affordable service 24/7 at your home. We offer free pick & drop services at your home. We are also providing LCE, LED, and Plasma TV accessories at competitive prices. LG, Samsung, Sony, Videocon, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips Haier, MI, and VU are the most demanding televisions in India. We have authorized Shop and TV Repair And Services Marathahalli And in all metro cities and affordable and excellent 24/7 services
at your Home. We have a team of professional mechanics and engineers. We are providing handyman service.

4 Common issues with LED TVs and their determination

Following are 4 of the most widely recognized issues with LED Televisions looked by clients around the world:

1. LED TV screen goes black:

For this situation, most presumably the power supply unit inside the LED TV has issues. The power supply unit is liable for accepting current and sending it to every one of the parts of the LED TV. The power supply unit creates issues because of an abrupt flood in the input supply. As a rule, the capacitors on the power supply sheets fall flat. In the event that you dismantle the LED TV set, you could confirm this by recognizing a spilling or protruding capacitor. These issues are basic in present-day LED Televisions and the fix work is genuinely basic and speedy. It is prescribed to discover a professional as supplanting the capacitor would require fastening abilities.

2. LED TV has Horizontal lines on startup:

In this case, the root of the problem is low signal strength in the set-top box cable that is connected to the LED TV. This problem might not show up if you plug that set-top box into an old television. The reason for this is that older TV sets required lower input strength to work. With the modern LED TV set, it’s not the case. They require stronger input signals. Thus, switching to an HD set-top box will most probably rectify the problem.

3. LED TV with no sound yield:

Disengage the LED TV from the AC control, at that point press and hold the power button on the LED TV (not the remote) for 10 seconds. Subsequent to sitting tight for a moment, interface the TV set back to AC supply and press the control button once. At that point evaluate other “sound out” from your TV to a lot of speakers. On the off chance that the speakers work, plainly the inward TV speakers are not working. On the off chance that it doesn’t, all things considered, the sound IC that drives the inside speakers has fizzled. It is basic in these sets as they utilize economical low controlled speaker ICs that warm-up and come up short. A basic substitution of the sound IC will work here.

4. LED TV not connecting to WiFi:

The first step is to locate if the problem is in the TV or the router. If the TV has no problems in connecting to your mobile device, then probably the router is at fault. Try updating the firmware of the router. If that doesn’t work, factory reset the router. This should do the trick. You could also borrow a WiFi extender and test if the TV connects to the internet. If the signal strength is not the issue consider getting a USB wifi adapter for the LED TV.

Issues that truly look for TV Repair And Services Marathahalli:

1. Backlight illumination Issue:

The most widely recognized and happening issue of LED’s nowadays. In this issue, the backdrop illumination activity of LED TV doesn’t work appropriately. It will in general make a few screens and show issues. It’s very basic in each LED screen nowadays. What’s more, it is fixed also. Be that as it may, the reasons are not excessively normal, the issue may happen for some reasons. In some cases due to misusing, because of electric vacillation, rebooting habitually, and some more. Be that as it may, the manifestations remain the same. We will talk about the manifestations in our exceptionally next theme of LED TV Repair And Services Marathahalli.

2. PCB (Printed Circuit Board):

PCB is basically known as the Main Board of Television. In other words, it is The motherboard of any Television set. It controls the complete functionality of Television. It is programmed in order to control the total supply of input & output. It is of video, audio, VGA, graphics, color, multimedia, processing, cooling, connectivity, power, software operation, networking & core memory. Hence, it is the main system operator of any Television. Thus any problem related to the input & output of the above-mentioned operations. Directly related to PCB failure. Which implies it is either dead or irrationally got shot by circuit media.

3. SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply):

Generally known as Inverter board. SMPS is an electronic power supply that fuses an exchanging controller, In request to change over electrical power proficiently and viably. Like other power supplies, an SMPS moves control from a DC or AC source (frequently mains capacity) to DC loads.

4. T-Con Board:

T-Con board alludes to the timing control board. It fundamentally does all video controlling tasks. This board controls the entire usefulness of the show screen. It changes over the video electric sign from PCB to show module language. This shows illuminated framework comprehends and carries on as coordinated. Illuminated tasks are straightforwardly upheld and composed by the T-Con Board itself. Subsequently, on the off chance that anything turns out badly with the show picture divide. Backdrop illumination zone and screening segment. It focuses that there may be any T-Con board disappointment as favored by LCD TV Repair And Services Marathahalli.

Prism Lead India TV: How it Works?

PLI TV essentially chips away at some essential approaches and basics for TV Repair And Services Marathahalli, Bangalore. Essential things are as per the following :

● In spite of the fact that we give just Doorstep Service, any immediate fix to support focus won’t be engaged.
● What’s more, we give confirmed, prepared, and foundation-checked specialists to the client’s doorstep. Who examines total TV on administration against fundamental investigation charges of Rs. 300 in particular.
● Specialists will fix your Television there in your place itself. If there should arise an occurrence of any significant fixes and substitutions. Your Television will be conveyed down to our administration focus. Also, will be redelivered within 48 hours, given a Warranty.
● Administration focus will give legitimate veritable extra parts if there should be an occurrence of substitutions. On the off chance that the client gives parts from that point claim, PLI TV won’t give a Warranty to it.

The assessment charge will be postponed in the event that the client is profiting from our administration. Rather clients need to pay transportation charges in advance from the absolute bills.

● Screen Panels are not generally accessible in advertisements. What’s more, a unique piece from the organization costs nearly another TV, along these lines we don’t supplant show boards on request.

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