Ultrafresh – Modular Kitchens and Interiors


To become India’s premier brand of modular kitchens.


Providing quality products and value for money to customers, along with excellent after sales services
Building and maintaining relationships with business associates and customers
Using existing distribution network to make products available to the customers in the most efficient manner possible
Changing the behaviour and perception of consumers towards modular kitchen
Focus on the ‘middle’ segment and leverage our position as a world-class manufacturer of modular kitchensMDF (medium density fibreboard): made from a hot pressed composite of wood –based waste material bound together with a chemical resin. These boards are a dense building material. They can be given different surface finish. They can be pasted with Veneer or coated with paint. They are economical option for new homes & commercial Projects.

Marine Ply Ultrafresh uses engineered panels made from wood veneer. They are glued & its strength maximises as they are pressed with a rigid adhesive.

Advantages of MDF

MDF is generally cheaper than marine plywood.
The surface of MDF is very smooth, and you don’t have to worry about knots on the surface.
Because it’s so smooth, it’s a great surface for painting.
Also because of its smoothness, MDF is a great substrate for veneer
MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.
Because of the smooth edges, you can use a router to create decorative edges.

Advantages of plywood

Because it consists of layers of wood veneer with the grain on each layer running a different direction, it’s a very strong building material.
It’s less susceptible to water damage than MDF, and won’t soak up water and swell as quickly or easily as MDF does. It holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give the screws something to hold onto. Its strong & durable

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