Unique Housekeeping Services

Unique Housekeeping Services have different team of experienced and trained staff for landscaping, House keeping, Cleaning services and Pest Control services.

Our scope of work includes business properties, hotel, malls retail outlets, guest house and residential complexes across Mumbai. Our Office is located in Mumbai. Our strong workforce is led by a versatile senior management that is committed to innovation & excellence. We manage the services with a staff of about 600. I am also enclosing a cost sheet giving you the cost of a supervisor, workers and the materials costs.

The numbers of the supervisors and workers to be employed at your premises / offices / factories/ hospital / bungalows will need to be arrived at after we discuss the entire work plan for the above. I therefore request that we hold a meeting at your convenience.


Our Mission is to provide hygiene and green environment. We want to satisfy our clients by providing good quality cleaning and maintenance services. We are also on the mission to further develop our services in every aspect.

We want to make people aware about health risks of living in germ infected surroundings. We believe that being particular about maintaining hygiene is necessary to avoid health problems.


Our gut feeling is telling us that we are on the right path to achieve our goal and to be one of the leading cleaning service company. Our vision is to keep providing effective services to our clients.

We want to keep improving in our field. We welcome new technologies. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, and we want to maintain the trust of our clients.

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