Vaclav Design And Build LLP

Vaclav Design And Build LLP is the beginning of a journey that happened incidentally after the return of its partners and restarting a different life here in Bengaluru.

With global exposure and experience from India, UK, and Australia, it was finally time to take the plunge and start showcasing that experience.

Nothing comes easy! But focus and diligence help achieve milestones which in turn help achieve goals.

Treading three years into our journey, and adding successful projects and happy clients along the way, Vaclav Design And Build LLP are happy doing what we are.

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Vaclav Design And Build LLP surely have done something right to be here and we look forward to an unknown journey of successes and continued passion in our profession.

Vaclav Design And Build LLP
Vaclav Design And Build LLP

Project Management of Vaclav Design And Build LLP

Project management begins from the concept stage to completion and final handover. It includes, but is not limited to – planning, design, site preparation, design management, procurement, execution, cost management, quality management, commissioning, and handover.

It is the process of initiation, execution, evaluation, correction (if needed), and closure of a project to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.
Microsoft Excel Smartsheets, Microsoft Project, and Primavera are some of the common tools used to manage the time and costs of a project.

Whatever the tool or method adopted, we will ensure the client gets his value for money. One of the most important parts of the project management process is Design Management. We review every detail and drawing produced to ensure It achieves the aesthetics it is designed for

1. Its buildability
2. It is coordinated with interfaces, and
3. It is built to suit the budget

This process helps us to provide design details in time and mitigate risks, therefore avoiding exceeding the budget. This process also indirectly helps us achieve our quality goals by building right the first time and avoiding delays. In short, it the process which ensures we achieve QUALITY, COST and TIME.


The most elaborate part of the whole process is where “paper to concrete” conversion occurs.

Vaclav Design And Build LLP come out to take a look at what needs to be done and then give an estimate. We prefer to provide all the necessary materials for construction because of mutual understanding with our supply chain which helps us procure as per construction schedule with the lead times for delivery and within the planned budget.

Vaclav Design And Build LLP then give you a timeframe in which we think we can complete the project, considering the foreseeable risks. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure we are made aware of any unforeseeable risks.

You can rest assured that we try to do the job right the first time. Our services are available for residential, commercial, retail and educational institutions. To be more specific:

1. New constructions
2. Refurbishments or Renovations
3. Office spaces
4. New retail outlets
5. Educational Institutions
6. Sports Hall/ Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)
7. Room additions
8. Kitchen remodeling
9. Bathroom remodeling
10. Painting Service


This is where dreams and reality are brought together as much as possible. Let’s be realistic! Dreams seem lovely until we open our eyes and face reality. More often than not, ideas that sprout from your dreams undergo changes when put into reality due to

1. Space availability or space constraints, or
2. Amalgamation with other ideas, or
3. Due to economic reasons

Every client wants his/her space to be different and exclusive. We ensure this craving is satisfied to the last element of design.

To achieve this, we request you to interact with us as much as possible so we can design the space to suit your needs and desires. After all, it’s you who will be living in/using/seeing/breathing it day-in-day-out.

For the projects we execute, if and when the design is carried out in-house, we can mitigate risks occurring due to lack of communication or miscommunication, or delay in providing information.

Costs associated with such risks can end up compromising the main design element/highlight.

Interiors of Vaclav Design And Build LLP:

Beauty, decoration, space, minimalism, grandeur – these are all words relative from one person to another, and subjective. Catering to personal requirements and satisfying all ideas is quite a challenging task, but challenges are the soul of creativity.

It is this information from the client that helps design space inside out. Depending on your likes and dislikes, the architecture of a space can be designed to suit your requirement and ensure effective use of space.

Colors, lights, and furniture are tools that add life to a building making it a home, office, store, school, etc. Using these tools we create a space you will want to live, work or visit.

Vaclav Design And Build LLP provide the following services – interior design, woodwork, modular furniture, tiling, gypsum partitions and false ceilings, glass partitions, and elements, turnkey electrical and lighting solutions, etc.

Coordinating all of the above and still being able to maintain the function of the space is an achievement by itself.

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