VM Modular Solutions

For over 30 years, the brand VM has been considered a trusted manufacturer of high-precision sheet metal components. Expanding its line of business with a motive of serving the industry on a larger scale, VM took a new and dramatic direction in 2011 by transforming its manufacturing domain to include modular furniture for residential and commercial purposes.

Adaptation and flexibility are the two main characteristics that govern the work culture at VM Modular Solutions. We understand the fact that your requirements may not always match with our standard designs. This is when we come in with our customized range of modular furniture to provide you with solutions that perfectly suit your needs and preferences.

VM Modular Solutions technical experts have the right skill and knowledge to not just give shape to your designs but make sure that the output is functional. Backed by years of experience in manufacturing has given us the right technical know-how and expertise to create functional designs that look their aesthetic best and provide absolute ease of use.

Modular furniture is the future. Affordable and visually appealing, this range of home and office furniture is easy to install and convenient to maintain. With outstanding quality and aesthetic designs, VM will help you recreate a world that you always imagined by giving you the kind of furniture that will spell elegance and convenience.


Thorough quality checking along with continual process improvement is the key to our high quality products. As an ISO 9001 certified organisation we adhere to international standards for all our processes and procedures. A dedicated quality control team ensures we deliver the best quality products.


We, at VM Modular Solutions Private Limited are committed to enhance customer satisfaction by:

Adapting proven methodologies to establish global standards and procedures to guarantee the quality in service and products.
Leveraging technology to implement processes that ensure quality in designing, manufacturing and delivering modular furniture solutions.
Training every individual in the organization to respect, understand and implement the company’s quality policy.
Working towards regular enhancement in the Quality Management System.

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