Witcorp India Advisors.

Shiva Advisors is the founding name of Witcorp India Advisors.

The word “Shiva” holds same meaning as the word “Jatin”. Shiva Advisors (SA) was a start up created by a random thought of our founder, Jatin Nasa, in the year 2016 post he left PwC. While he joined Deloitte, the thought was turned into reality by the other founder, Damini Agarwal. The journey of the founders has been very exciting from Shiva Advisors to Agarwal Nasa & Associates to Witcorp India Advisors LLP.

Presently, Witcorp holds a portfolio of clients in GST, Income Tax, Business Registration, Corporate compliance, Start up consulting, Book Keeping, Transfer Pricing, Valuation, Payroll Management, International Tax across India, Singapore, Australia & USA. To counter the expertise of our competitors, Witcorp has associated with various professionals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Kanpur to lend support in the aforesaid arenas.

The vision of Witcorp is to build a formidable presence as an expert advisor, having a stronghold in compliance management of the aforesaid arenas in India and abroad for its clients in E-commerce, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Trading, Healthcare, Public Welfare, Education, Real estate & other conglomerates.

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