Wood Borer Control In Bangalore

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Prism Lead India contract-based service provider that gives you the best wood borer control in Bangalore services to get rid of Wood borers. They are wood-destroying insects that attack and destroy the structural integrity of your furniture and wooden assets. All homes and businesses made of natural wood are at the risk of wood borers’ infestation. The adult beetles breed on cracks and holes in the wood and larvae eat their way out of the food/ wood for many years. This will create holes and cracks in your wooden structure. Properties constructed with natural wood are at high risk of wood borer attacks. Wood-boring beetles, like Auger, Jewel, Stag, Pinhole Borers, etc. are called “Wood Borers”.

However interesting their names may sound, you sure would want to keep them away from your homes and offices. The larvae of wood borers and the powder residue post beetle larvae are pests that can cause structural damage to natural wood. Severe wood borer infestations will require the replacement of complete furniture. Prism Lead India wood borer control in Bangalore offers specialized wood borer treatment services to protect and prevent the wooden structure and furniture from any form of future infestations.

wood borer control in Bangalore
wood borer control in Bangalore

Wood Boring Infestation

As houses and buildings get older the damage to the timber used for construction increases and the damage weakens the timber over a period of time.
Weatherboards, floorboards, and other structural timber would need to be replaced due to the weakness caused by the wood borer. The holes created by the borer larvae allow easy penetration of water, which increases the damage and rot by fungi. The larvae of the wood borer are as small as a dot, they are almost invisible to the eyes. They enter the wood and live inside it eating the wood from within. After staying inside the wood and eating it away for around 2–3 years the adult borer tries to come out of the wood.

It exits the furniture or structure as an adult beetle through a round hole measuring not more than 1–2mm in diameter. Cutting out this trapdoor is their final wood-destroying act. They come out only to breed, once they are out on the surface they have a life of not more than 3–4 weeks. Adult wood bearer beetles lay their eggs in cracks found in wooden furniture or wood used in the construction of the property. When the eggs hatch, the larvae slip into the wood through a very small hole and start feeding inside the wood. During the process of infestation over a period of 2 to 3 years, they build a maze of tunnels in the wood. If this wood borer infestation is not treated at the right time, the timbers in the building structure will start weakening and can result in grave dangers of structural failure. Most Indian houses have furniture made of wood or composites of wood. Hence they are at high risk of wood-boring insect infestation.

Prism Lead India Wood Borer Control In Bangalore Services

Prism Lead India wood borer control in Bangalore Save Your Houses and Businesses from Wood Borer. You would not be able to see these beetles often except when they gather on corners of your house, are you worried about those tell-tale flight holes and damaged wood around your home sweet home? You are not alone! Wood borers also known as wood bugs or wood warms are the reason for the damage to thousands of wood borer control in Bangalore. These infestations may get worse if not detected timely, wood borers can infest wood before and after it is installed and sadly they can even infest furniture and other wooden objects, not just lumber.

Facts About the Woodborer

When it comes to Furniture and Woodworks, one can only be so careful; especially antique furniture requires special care. Yet bug infestations happen so often. And wood borers are the worst of the lot. These whitish, fat, and soft creatures don’t have any specific origin so to speak because many types of Beetles lay eggs inside or around wood; the larvae eat wood when the eggs hatch. Wood is the most sought-after source of food by many types of female beetles during the summer months. When they consume the high moisture contents of the wood, they lay their eggs. When the larvae hatch, they simply start eating the wood around them and leave holes inside the wooden items causing structural damage, sometimes even marring the beauty of the furniture from the holes they create. This is why Woodworm Treatment is often the most sought-after service from wood borer control in Bangalore from Prism Lead India contract-based service provider. They give you the best professional wood borer control in Bangalore.

Precautions Against Woodborers?

When it comes to wood borer control in Bangalore, the best prevention is to deprive them of their food sources. Most varieties of wood borers thrive on the high moisture contents of the wooden items as they need water to survive and grow. So it is very important to ensure that the wooden furniture is well ventilated to control the moisture level in the room. But sometimes it is not possible. Hence the next course of action, Boron. Mix Boron Powder with water with a 1:19 proportion and apply it on all the wooden surfaces. When it gets dry, apply once again. Or Vinegar can be used too. But Vinegar will force the larvae out without killing them. It’s a proportion of 1:1 Vinegar and water that needs to be mixed and sprayed on furniture. Despite all precautions and preventive measures, sometimes the infestations go out of hand and experts should be consulted for a proper course of action.

Prism Lead India Wood Borer Management

If you are here, it means you are facing a problem because of some insects. Wood borers are those insects that attack the wood furniture of your house. Wood borers can cause a huge loss to your property and can also affect your company’s image. These wood borers can make noise while carrying out these activities. In this situation, it is quite essential to consult a wood borer control in Bangalore at PLI so that you can eradicate wood borers as soon as possible and have a long-time relief. Wood borers lay eggs in the cracks of the wood and then the population increases and they do more damage.
If the breeding of wood borers is left untreated, the wood borers can spread in the house and also spread to your neighbors. It can cause a big problem not just for you but also for your neighbors.

The term “wood-borers” actually encompasses hundreds of different kinds of insects. Many species of powderpost beetles (family Lyctidae) exist, and they are some of the most common wood-borer beetles that people encounter. Powderpost beetles are generally brown insects no more than 1/4 inch long that primarily target seasoned hardwoods, including wooden flooring and furniture. They’re identifiable by the tiny exit holes they leave in wood no larger than the tip of a ballpoint pen and the tiny piles of fine dust or frass they leave outside these holes. If you’ve noticed something that looks like sawdust on your wooden stairs or you’ve seen tiny brown bugs around your baseboards, powderpost beetles are a likely culprit. Another common type of wood-borer beetle is the deathwatch, or furniture beetle (family Anobiidae). These beetles bore through both hardwoods and softwoods. They leave slightly larger exit holes than powderpost beetles and are known for making a clicking sound as they move through wood. False powderpost beetles (family Bostrichidae) may also infest hard or softwoods. Their exit holes are slightly larger than those left by powderpost beetles, and their frass may be slightly coarser.

So, Prism Lead India contract-based service provider of wood borer control in Bangalore services for all Commercial and Industrial spaces. Wooden borers are treated by the use of Chemical pesticides.

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